Epic Games Showcases RealityScan App, Now in Beta Testing

RealityScan will let any user scan a 3D model using their phones. Read now to learn more about Epic Game's new app, RealityScan.
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Epic Games has been at the forefront of the tech market in recent years, everything from Fortnite’s continued success to rivaling Steam’s store platform. The company has shown an innovative new app that the company has been working on. RealityScan will allow users to take a simple photograph and turn it into a 3D model.

The company announced the app in a press release on April 4, where it described how the program could create high-fidelity 3D models. In addition, Epic partnered with Capturing Reality and Quicel to get the app to work correctly, as both companies had experience with similar technology in the past.

Epic Announces New RealityScan App, Credits Partners

Epic starts off the release by discussing how Capturing Reality’s RealityCapture is the most current software to reconstruct objects and scenes. According to Epic, “…yielding 3D scans with unparalleled accuracy and mesh quality at speeds many times faster…” Because they’re the fastest product in this industry, Epic partnered with Capturing Reality for this program.

The app is now in a limited beta where it evolves on what RealityCapture was able to do before it. Epic states that this app will let users capture 3D scans fast and easily with just their phone. What used to take hours of work and a whole team to do can now be achieved by anybody with a smartphone. This has almost immeasurable effects on retail and online marketplaces.

Learning how to use the program is easy since there is a detailed tutorial when you start the app. Then, through interactive feedback, AR guidance, and quality checks, the app will be able to help users get the most out of their creation. Once you’ve finished photographing the item, the app will create the 3D image almost instantly. Once finished, users can upload their assets to the online market Sketchfab.

Epic Games is Broadening its Portfolio

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Epic Games hasn’t been shy about stretching its legs in recent years, and this has evolved into a larger and larger technology company. Now, Epic is the home of Capturing Reality, Quixel, and Sketchfab just for this one project. These developers hope to put the 3D content creation tools into the hands of creators as soon as possible.

To join the limited-time beta, you’d have to receive an email from Epic that states you’re eligible. You’ll gain access to the app through the TestFlight app on iOS devices.

Currently, the limited beta is only set to allow 10,000 users, with a wider early access release coming in the Spring for iOS and Android devices.

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