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Fairy Tail Lost Souls Halloween Update Log Patch Notes

Halloween has come to Roblox Fairy Tail Lost Souls and you can find out all of the new details in this post!
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Roblox Fairy Tail: Lost Souls has received their Halloween update on October 24th, 2021! This release brings a ton of new stuff to the game, including the Halloween event where you can collect Candy and use it at the Pumpkin Merchant to purchase new items. Fight bosses in the game to get drops of Candy, and then hopefully purchase the new Scythe that is a limited-time weapon for the event! There’s a ton of fixes, changes, and balancing that has been done, which you will find in the patch notes below.

You will find all of the new codes from the game on our Fairy Tail Lost Souls Codes page!

Fairy Tail Lost Souls Halloween Update Log

New Stuff

  • Guild Masters now get a little crown next to their level to show that they are a guild master
  • Gravity Lacrima complete remake and rarity change
  • The game now notifies you if a code you are using is expired or invalid
  • Bosses now won’t attack you until you attack them first
  • Secret Magic Council stuff o_o


  • Every boss now drops between 40 – 90 Candy. Candy can be used at the Pumpkin Merchant near spawn
  • New Scythe (Eclipser). Limited time weapon that can be bought with Candy


  • Small Changes to fix some lag
  • Getting stuck in the spawn box should be fixed now
  • Water should work again
  • Fire mages feed fire god and fire dragon slayer correctly now
  • Patched naughty level cheese
  • Heavenward Halberd can now be broken by crash
  • Shadow Dragon’s Vortex shouldn’t get people permanently stuck anymore
  • Fixed Bosses not taking damage
  • Lightning God Slayer effects shouldn’t stack anymore
  • Shadow Dragon and Great Tree orc shouldn’t make accessories visible anymore
  • Can’t get Amulet from Pity anymore
  • Fixed Law Visuals
  • Can only reroll Exceed color if you own the Exceed gamepass now
  • Fixed weird Mouselock issue
  • Fire Lacrima feeds Fire God and Fire Dragon slayers correctly now


  • Guild button removed & replaced with a button that says “Guilds”
  • Magic rarity has been massively decreased, is now much easier to get rare magics
  • Damage Reduction is now capped at 50%
  • Increased HP scaling by 3x
  • Third magic can now be obtained for free at Rebirth 6
  • Health increasing accessories and The Chad are now disabled in Grand Magic Games
  • Law now one-shots everyone and had its cooldown reduced by half
  • Amulet, Mask, and Natsu Scarf can no longer be worn together or stacked – the game will notify you if trying to stack them

Balance Changes

Fire Lacrima

  • Slightly increase tick damage
  • Ticks Faster

Wind Lacrima

  • Increased pull strength
  • Increased pull range

Punch Lacrima

  • Reduce Damage
  • Increase Cooldown

Health & Health + Mana Lacrima

  • 500 Base health + 5% Damage reduction

Saint Cloak

  • Reduced damage reduction to 30%


  • 5000 Base health + x1.1 Health
  • removed damage reduction

Natsu Scarf

  • 3000 Base health + x0.9 Health (hp + (hp x 0.9))
  • removed dmg reduction


  • 1000 Base health + x0.8 Health (hp + (hp x 0.8))
  • removed dmg reductionigger


  • Increased range of stomp (X)
  • Increased range of uppercut (V)
  • Slightly reduce mode damage of Z
  • Increased Speed of Crash Z

Iron Dragon Slayer

  • Increased range of Iron Dragon sword (N)
  • Increased damage of Iron Dragon sword Slightly
  • Decreased damage Reduction to 20

Beast Soul

  • Reduced damage reduction to 30

Egg god

  • Reduced damage reduction to 15

Fire Magic

  • Buffed scaling

Light Magic

  • Buffed scaling

Fire God Slayer

  • Increase Range of scythe (V)

Heavenly Body

  • Increased Altairis speed

Lightning Dragon Slayer

  • Reduced duration of all stuns 1 to 2 seconds
  • Greatly reduced stun duration of Jaw
  • Reduced damage of roar (C)
  • Reduced size of roar (C)
  • Reduced range of roar (C)
  • Removed blind from jaw (B)
  • Removed Self blind from Halberd
  • Reduced the Range of Blind from halberd
  • Nerfed Damage of halberd

Lightning God Slayer

  • Reduced damage of storm MAJORLY (N)
  • Reduced stun duration of X and C
  • Slightly increased damage of Z
  • Reduced duration of Teleport animation (B)
  • Reduced the Range and Amount of Lightning Bolts in the animation of X and C


  • Reduced Stun duration of rock crush (X)
  • Reduced damage of Mt. Fuji MAJORLY (V)
  • Increased cooldown of Mt. Fuji
  • Mt. Fuji timing adjusted so it doesn’t have a seemingly infinite hitbox


  • Reduced damage of Repent (C)
  • Reduced charge time and slightly reduce Damage of predation (X)

Ice Devil Slayer

  • Mode activates much quicker

White Dragon Slayer

  • Buffed Damage of Holy nova (N)
  • Slightly increased range of the roar (C)
  • Increased cooldown of Roar

Egg God Slayer

  • Nerfed Damage of Pan slightly (C)
  • Increased Cooldown of TP (B)


  • Nerfed Damage of Z
  • Lowered cooldown of C
  • Nerfed Healing of V
  • Nerfed Damage of Virus X slightly
  • Slightly increased the cooldown of Virus X

Memory Make

  • Nerfed duration of Forget (V)
  • Make Teleport able to be used in the air (Z)

Great Tree Arc

  • Nerfed Damage of Ramus Sica (C)
  • Increased cooldown of Ramus Sica slightly
  • Nerfed Damage of Terra Clamare (N)
  • Nerfed Range of Terra Clamare
  • Increased Cooldown of Terra Clamare slightly

Shadow Dragon Slayer

  • Slightly nerfed X damage
  • Slightly nerfed V speed and cooldown

Sourced from the Official Update Log

That’s everything from the new Halloween update that was released in Roblox Fairy Tail Lost Souls! You can find details on a whole lot of other games in the Roblox section of our website.

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