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Fall Guys disables Custom Lobbies on messy launch day

Fall Guys temporarily disabled Custom Lobbies to deal with a tricky FTP launch.
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Fall Guys has made a very ambitious leap into the free-to-play format, on a variety of platforms, but they’ve just had to disable Custom Lobbies for maintenance. It’s a fun game, but this isn’t a step in the right direction, especially for new players.

Here’s the official announcement from the devs on Twitter:

So, if you can’t get into Custom Lobbies, you aren’t alone. The devs are clearly doing their absolute best to remedy the situation, and hopefully this big gesture will make a difference. Unfortunately, having to disable Custom Lobbies has invited a lot of vitriol from the fanbase.

Launch day has largely been a headache, and many players resorted to Custom Lobbies as an alternative to public gameplay, which has practically been unplayable.

Now, the same can be said for the game in full. But the devs promise this move will only be temporary, and that Custom Lobbies will be enabled again “soon”.

Most replies are complaining about the public servers, where the majority of the player base hoped to be. Fall Guys in particular is best played with a giant group of people, and unless you have a lot of friends with even more free time, players are relying on public matchmaking.

The devs have done their best to take things in stride, and try to have some fun with the serious issues:

Sadly, it looks like Fall Guys wasn’t quite equipped for such a massive launch. However, the game deserves patience, and renewed interest. Fall Guys has even added tie-in cosmetics with giants like Halo and Assassin’s Creed.

In fact, the server errors may partly be due to how many new players are ready to try out Fall Guys as a free-to-play game. Then again, some fans feel that the devs should have prepared for the larger population, after so much extensive marketing.

Either way, be sure to keep an eye out for updates on any hot fixes. You can read more about Fall Guys and other indie hits in our news section!

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  1. Jaden Guerrero

    Is it supposed to be 30+ players to join a custom game or is that a glitch? Plz tell me that it’s just a glitch.