FaZe Rain’s silence over Snoop Dogg’s hiring is telling

If FaZe Rain had such a problem with celebrities being brought into FaZe, one would think he wouldn't mentioned Snoop by now.
Faze Rain looks at the screen with text at the bottom that says "Please watch full thing before giving an opinion"
Screenshot: FaZe Rain on YouTube

An organization is only as strong as its weakest member and sometimes when that organization moves in a new direction, it can be jarring for those inside. That has been proven time and time again inside FaZe as FaZe Rain, also known as Nordan Shaft, has consistently raised issues with the direction that the esports and streaming organization has taken.

The most recent arguably most tumultuous period started when Grace Van Dien, who now goes by FaZe bluefille online, was leaked to be signed by Rain a week early. When this came true, the streamer went on a tirade against his own organization for hiring the “Stranger Things‘ actress,” referring to Van Dien’s role as Chrissy in season four of the show.

Rain has been pretty unrelenting in his torment, initially subtweeting Grace before inviting her over to his house to make a video, which ended about as well as you’d expect. His most recent post comes from June 5 where he shares messages between himself and Grace in what seems like a last-ditch effort to drive some form of sympathy.

It seems pretty apparent to everyone but Rain himself how bad this makes himself and the organization look as a whole. Considering FaZe bluefille was brought on as a celebrity a year after another one left, one would think he would have at least connected those dots together at some point, were that his real issue. In messages shared in his YouTube video, he claims that “they’re trying to control who joins the family.”

Rain states that “all I care about are ur feelings,” but that comes after he made a big statement and deal about the “OG” FaZe clan, also firing at NICKMERCS, who was brought on over four years ago. In between these two hirings, there was a different kind of OG that was hired by FaZe after a business venture into streaming before leaving. Snoop Dogg was on the board of directors and had a considerable investment in the org.

However, this has not slowed Rain down, instead fueling him to claim that these plummeting stakes are the result of FaZe changing direction and not the extreme and hateful rhetoric that’s coming from its “OG” ranks. As reported elsewhere, these “OG” ranks have been embroiled in investigations after allegations of a crypto scam and sexual misconduct with women.

What’s more telling about this specific complaint is that he’s not mentioned Snoop once to my knowledge, which is curious since the rapper had a considerably larger position in that “family.” Snoop cared so little about FaZe that he reportedly left with over $1.9 million in stock for himself and $248,000 controlled by three members of his inner circle.

Realistically, as Rain pointed out in tweets insulting the actress, she’s mainly known for her role in Stranger Things, but she has definitely made a position for herself lately as a streamer too. Snoop Dogg is pretty much an entrepreneur and has decades of being an entertainer and trying different business ventures before leaving if they don’t work out. There is no way that Grace got half the deal that Snoop got, including a board seat, just based on work history alone.

Snoop Dogg holds up a chain with text that says "Welcom FaZe Snoop"
Image: FaZe Clan

Not only that, but Grace has an actual audience that she can bring to FaZe where Snoop Dogg hasn’t streamed on Twitch consistently at any point. It’s not like he has to go hard after the rapper, as he’s become a household name, but the fact that he’s never even mentioned such an obvious connection made me overall doubt it when he says, “It’s not about the fact she’s a girl, it just doesn’t make sense.”

It makes more sense than giving a random musician a board seat.

Christian Harrison

Christian Harrison

Christian Harrison is a writer and gamer, the latter he's been doing for the last two decades. When not working, he enjoys streaming the latest show or spending time with his family and friends. Contact: Christian@tryhardguides.com

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