Fortnite announces Concept Royale Outfit winners for the Fortnitemares 2022 event

Fortnite just announced the next round of Concept Royale skins that will be released during Fortnitemares 2022!
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Fortnite is a game that has survived for this long because the community keeps putting their time and love into it. Through the Creative mode, players can create their worlds where players can experience the best that the game offers. Fortnite has also sought help from the community in creating Outfits and other cosmetics for players to purchase in the game.

The Concept Royale is a contest that Epic Games hosts every so often to allow players to create their themed skins for release later. Fortnite‘s most recent Concept Royale started earlier this year and asked players to make the spookiest skin they could think of to participate in Fortnitemares later this year.

In a tweet from the official Fortnite account, the game announced the two new skins coming to the game. Sorrow by @kitsunexkitsu and Glare by @Dreowings will be coming to Fortnite during the Halloween event this year.

Sorrow appears to be a grim-reaper-like character with a deadly scythe and wings. Their horns stick out sharply, and a broken shackle dangles on their leg. Glare is a humanoid creature with a hand for a head; a red eye is in the middle. He also comes with the All-seeing pickaxe, which features a glowing eye for the blade.

This is at least the second Outfit contest that kitsunexkitsu has won, and some fans were quick to express displeasure at this.

With the likely hundreds of entries that Fortnite received, it seems unfair to give an artist the same opportunity more than once. Not that they don’t deserve to win a second time, as the skin is beautiful, but other artists should get that opportunity too.

These skins are scheduled to release this Halloween during the Fortnitemares 2022 event. Players who want to purchase these skins will need to log in during the event and unlock them.

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