Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Leak Shows Optimus Prime and new features

Based on possible leaks, it looks like Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 3 might contain a Transformers themed skin.
Optimus Prime Movie
Image: Hasbro

Every new Fortnite season is a big event, with players logging in to see how the island has changed and what new characters have joined the battle royale. While these are privileged secrets until the season releases, it seems that Chapter Four, season three has had a major leak of skins and potential features.

Update (5/28/23 – 11:50am PT): Here’s a better look at the loading screen for Chapter 4 – Season 3 with Optimus Prime:

Data miners on Twitter began to share information that they had received in recent days, including a partial screenshot showing a couple of different skins in Fortnite‘s style, most notably Optimus Prime. iFireMonkey shared multiple screenshots, first showing the leaked image and post on Reddit, followed by skins he thinks are the ones clipped off in the image.

There looks to be the summer version of Meowscles that fits with the season’s themes as well as a red jacket-wearing character with some kind of flaming gear on. Both of these were recent survey skins in the last year, so it makes sense they would show up in the game before too long. Summer Meowscles has been especially popular, with fans posting the survey screenshot under many Fortnite posts.

The skins are only one part of the leak though, as the characters can be seen in some sort of jungle greenery like a jungle. This imagery follows previous leaks that there would be a jungle theme and recent earthquakes that have created fissures with tree roots coming out of them. While it’s hard to see, there also seems to be a character riding a dinosaur, which was leaked in the middle of last year.

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Fortnite‘s Chapter Four, season three is expected to start on June 9 and more information is likely to be teased by Epic and data miners in the coming week and a half.

This is all speculation and Shiina claims the person they heard it from was less reliable than others, so take this with a grain of salt until it is confirmed by Epic or a more reliable screenshot.

That’s all the information that’s been leaked so far about Optimus Prime in Fortnite Chapter Four, season three, but make sure to check back here to get the most recent information.

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