Fortnite leaks tease new “Superstorm” throwable items

New leaks have teased that Fortnite players could soon be spawning tornadoes and lightning storms at will.
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Image: Epic Games

Recent Fortnite leaks are hinting that Epic Games is working on two new consumables that could allow players to spawn lightning storms or tornadoes.

Here’s the tweet, which includes some potential imagery for the chaos:

Fans are buzzing about how these new consumables could affect gameplay, in a season that is already going to be brimming with other big changes. This includes other recent leaks, regarding the potential for first-person cameras, and motorcycles in Battle Royale.

While adding motorcycles affects map traversal, some fans are worried about spamming lightning storms or tornadoes in the final zone.

This is similar to the problem in Call of Duty: Warzone, another free-to-play Battle Royale hit. In their latest tie-in event with Godzilla vs. Kong, “Operation Monarch”, players could use either titan to create large area-of-effect damage. So, every squad would stash this and basically win the final zone for free.

However, some Fortnite fans are just happy to have the new weather abilities, and they could still be more balanced than they sound.

Many have suggested that these could just be “mini” versions, rather than causing outright chaos. Then again, others are concerned the new consumables will only be available in creative mode, perhaps to feel out fan responses ahead of a Battle Royale release.

Aside from the mechanics, some have considered that these consumables could actually be a potential tie-in with Marvel’s upcoming Thor sequel. That would make sense, because Love and Thunder does premiere next month, and the heroes do have the ability to whip up tornadoes or lightning.

Either way, fans are thrilled about the nearly unprecedented level of content coming up this season, so be sure to keep an eye out for even more big changes.

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Anthony Fertino

Anthony Fertino

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