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Fortnite Squid Game Map Codes (March 2023) – Squad Game!

We've got a list of codes for Squid Game themed maps that you can play in Fortnite!
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Squid Game is a popular series that can be found on Netflix, which pits down on their luck people against each other in a series of deadly kids games. Naturally, this concept has resonated with gamers, which has made it start popping up in Roblox and now Fortnite. If you want to try and see if you have what it takes to survive these deadly games, we’ve got a bunch of codes for you to try in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Squid Game Maps

Most of the games will start you off with the well-known deadly game of red light, green light. After that though, there’s a lot more variance, due to converting the games into something that can be created in Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Squid Game Map Codes List

Game Descriptions

Squad Game by PWR

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Survive a series of challenging mini-games to be the last player standing & win the grand prize.

In PWR’s version of Squid Game, you will be doing the standard red light, green light to start out. However, from there you will find some interesting twists. When it comes to the Dalgona Candy game aka Cookie Cutter, you will be shooting targets in a specific shape. If you miss a shot you will be killed!After this one, you get to pick odd or even. If you can select it correctly three times you will move on! Now you will be put on teams, where you will need to fire at targets with a Hunting Rifle. The faster your team can hit the targets the less likely they get pulled into the bottomless pit. It is then the glass game, where you will attempt to jump on a platform and hope that it doesn’t fall through.

Finally, there’s the stay within the lines game where you will be equipped with a Flintlock Pistol and you will attempt to knock the other players outside the lines. Last one to stay within the lines is the winner!

Octo Game by Vysena

Fortnite Octo Game Promo Image

Green light / red light 🚦 🍯 honeycomb 🍯 πŸ”¦ lights out πŸ”¦ 🀼‍♀️ tug of war 🀼‍♂️ πŸŽͺ stepping stones πŸŽͺ πŸ™ octo game πŸ™ πŸ’Ύ saved gold πŸ’Ύ

After your red light, green light game, you will be off to Cookie Cutter round. This game is a parkour map that will require you to tightrope walk across a specific design in the allotted time. Things get real dark after this, because the lights in the lobby area will go out and you will be given your pickaxe. Fight your way against your fellow players to survive! If you make it through that round, you are on to the tug of war game. You will need to slam down on the action key and hope that the rest of the players on your team are doing the same. Whichever side can avoid the abyss will move on! Now it’s time to jump on glass and hope it doesn’t break. If you make it to the other side, you will survive, if not you plummet to your doom!

For the end of Octo Game, you will be put up against other players with pickaxes and whoever can survive will be the winner!

Sypher’s Squid Games

Fortnite Syphers Squid Game Promo Image

Compete to win in the Squid Game!

Sypher’s game has you playing a long game of red light, green light. You then engage in the dark room with pickaxes and can kill each other to see who is the winner. This is a pretty short version of the game, hopefully it is improved in the future.

How to use a Creative Code

If you don’t know how to use a creative code in Fortnite, we’ll show you how. You can first click on the links in our list to take you to each of the map pages. If you are logged in, you can then hit the Add to My Library button. This isn’t required, but it does make things easier!

Enter Fortnite and go to the Creative area. You will enter into the lobby area, and you will want to look for the feature islands with a console in front of them.

Fortnite How To Use Creative Code Console Image

Hit your use button on the Console and you will be given the option to input a code. Copy a code from our list and paste it into the textbox and hit the accept button. If you added the code to your library, head to the Favorites area and enter it from the list!

Fortnite How To Use Creative Code Input Image

After a short load (depending on your device), you should find yourself in the creative game!

Those are all of the best codes for Squid Games in Fortnite Creative! Be sure to check out the Fortnite section of our website for more coverage of the game.

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