Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z could be coming soon according to leaks

Dataminers find assets pointing towards upcoming Dragon Ball Z collab in Fortnite.
Dbz Cast Image

Fortnite is the undisputed king of the crossover. With Naruto, Arcane, Star Wars, and more franchises collaborating with Fortnite to make skins and in-game items, it’s hard to say there’s ever been as many different iconic characters in one video game before. With the newest set of Naruto skins leaving the Fortnite store and entering daily rotation, it’s time for Fortnite to open its doors for a new franchise crossover — and it looks like that franchise just might be Dragon Ball Z.

This information comes from Twitter user @HYPEX. In his post made just hours ago, he points out a hidden gem in the game’s files that suggest at an upcoming Dragon Ball Z collaboration. The item in the files is a small capsule bearing the iconic Capsule Corp logo, the company owned by DBZ favorite Bulma, who supplies the main cast with much of their equipment and support. With this item in the game’s files, it’s clear to see that some Dragon Ball Z skins will be coming to Fortnite soon.

Like other Fortnite anime crossovers, we can expect to see two main protagonists and a villain coming to the skin shop in a set of three. It’s almost guaranteed that we’ll see Goku coming to Fortnite, with Piccolo, Vegeta or Frieza being likely tag-alongs for the first round of Dragon Ball Z skins. Like the Naruto skin line, we can expect the anime-style cell shading on these skins.

Also likely coming with these skins would be backpacks, emotes, unique harvesting tools, and special weapon skins. This skins will probably not be a part of the battle pass and should be available to purchase from the shop in a bundle.

Erik Hodges

Erik Hodges

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