Frieza Anime Last Stand (ALS) Guide – How to Get, Stats, & Upgrades!

Enter Legendary Lord Alien in Anime Last Stand, inspired by Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. Learn how to summon him, his unique abilities, and stats overview in our guide!
Anime Last Stand Legendary Lord Alien
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Lord Alien, also known as Frieza from the Dragon Ball Z series, is iconic in anime and manga due to being the catalyst for turning Goku into the legendary Super Saiyan in the Namek Saga. If you’re playing ALS and aiming to add Frieza, this guide is here to help you out, providing you with all essential information on how to get Lord Alien, his stats overview, and upgrades in ALS.

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Anime Last Stand Frieza Guide – Lord Alien

In Anime Last Stand (ALS), obtaining Lord Alien can be done in one of two ways. Here are the two ways to summon him:

  1. Banner 1 Summoning: You can summon Frieza on Banner 1, which is accessible from the start of the game. There’s a 2% chance of successfully summoning him through this banner.
  2. Banner 2 Summoning: Alternatively, you can try to summon Frieza on Banner 2. However, to unlock this option, you must progress and unlock Planet Namek in story mode and have a 5.5% chance of getting him.

If you happen to have a legendary pity of 59/60, it’s recommended to hold onto it and wait for Frieza to become available, as this will provide a higher chance of obtaining this iconic character.

Frieza Stats Overview

Frieza is a hill unit, which means that he cannot be placed on the ground. Additionally, he is of the Mind Element, meaning Frieza deals 1.5x Damage to Energy Enemies and receives 0.5x Damage from Energy and Enlightened Units.

  • Legendary Lord Alien (Frieza)
    • Deployment Cost: $650
    • Type: Hill
    • Upgrades: 7
    • Full Upgrade Total Cost: 20,800
    • Element: Mind
    • Placement: 5
  • Attack Stats Before Upgrade
    • Attack Type: AoE (Circle)
    • Base Damage: 628
    • SPA (Seconds Per Attack): 5
    • Range: 15
  • Attack Stats After Final Upgrade
    • Attack Type: AoE (Circle)
    • Base Damage: 6,800
    • SPA (Seconds Per Attack): 6.5
    • Range: 35

Frieza Stats Overview

Frieza is a tremendously powerful legendary unit. Even with only seven upgrades, he surpasses the power of Boku (SS). Notably, at Upgrade 4, Frieza learns a new, devastating attack.

  • Deployment: $650
    • Damage: 628
    • Range: 20
    • SPA: 5s
  • Upgrade 1: $900
    • Damage: 845
    • Range: 22
    • SPA: 5s
  • Upgrade 2: $1,250
    • Damage: 1,260
    • Range: 25
    • SPA: 5s
  • Upgrade 3: $1,950
    • Damage: 1,260
    • Range: 25
    • SPA: 5s
  • Upgrade 4: $2,550
    • Damage: 2,310
    • Range: 30
    • SPA: 5s
    • +New Attack
  • Upgrade 5: $3,500
    • Damage: 3,960
    • Range: 32
    • SPA: 6.5s
  • Upgrade 6: $6,550
    • Damage: 4,940
    • Range: 32
    • SPA: 6.5s
  • Upgrade: 7 $3,500
    • Damage: 6,800
    • Range: 35
    • SPA: 6.5s

Thanks to the Anime Last Stand Lord Alien Wiki page for this information!

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