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5 Games Like 7 Days to Die on Steam

If you enjoyed 7 Days to Die, here are games similar to it!
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7 Days to Die is an open-world, survival horror, first-person shooter game that also utilizes tower defense and role-playing elements. It released in 2013 but remains one of the most recommended survival games across social media, like Reddit, and on Steam with over 150,000 very positive reviews. In the last few years, the Survival gaming sub-genre has really become quite popular with more and more game releases each year. As a result, there are a lot of options that you can buy, so we have compiled a list of the games like 7 Days to Die on Steam to help you further explore the genre if you enjoyed 7 Days to Die.

Games Like 7 Days to Die on Steam

The five games we recommend if you enjoyed 7 Days to Die have a similar apocalyptic atmosphere and require survival against the elements: DayZ, Project Zomboid, Rust, The Forest, and V Rising. In 7 Days to Die, players have to deal with the fall of civilization and must survive as they explore the open world on their own or with friends, while building tools, weapons, and shelters to fend off the reanimated dead. We looked for games that had a similar feel to the world of 7 Days to Die.


Best Survival Games Steam Dayz Image
DayZ, Source: Steam

DayZ is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has become overrun with an infected, zombie-like population. Players compete against other survivors for resources that have become quite limited, so you can group up with strangers or stay strong with your teammates or even play all alone. The game debuted in 2018 and was developed by Bohemia Interactive but remains a steadfast option in the survival genre. With over 250,000 reviews and a “mostly positive” experience, it’s well-worth experiencing for those who can afford this higher-priced game within the genre!

DayZ is available for $44.99 (at the time of publishing) on Steam, but it has been included in various Steam sales in the past.

Project Zomboid

Best Survival Games Steam Project Zomboid 1 Image
Project Zomboid, Source: Steam

Project Zomboid remains a popular, go-to recommendation for anyone looking to start exploring the survival game genre. The game debuted in 2013 and has accumulated over 120,000 very positive reviews on Steam since. In this zombie survival game, you’ll work alone or in multiplayer mode to build, craft, fight, farm and fish as you struggle to survive on a vast map and customizable sandbox world.

Project Zomboid is available for $19.99 (at the time of publishing) on Steam.


Best Survival Games Steam Rust Image
Rust, Source: Steam

Rust is one of the most played survival games in the genre! You will have to survive on an island filled with wildlife, unknown inhabitants, and its harsh environment, and there’s only one goal: survive another night. This game debuted in 2018 by developer Facepunch Studios and has amassed over 700,000 very positive reviews on Steam.

Rust is available for $39.99 (at the time of publishing) on Steam.

The Forest

Best Survival Games Steam The Forest Image
The Forest, Source: Steam

The Forest requires you to survive as the only survivor of a passenger jet crash that has crash-landed in an unknown forest. You will have to survive against a society of cannibalistic mutants while building, exploring, and navigating this perilous environment. The game originally released in 2018 by developer Endnight Games Ltd., and it has received over 350,000 overwhelming positive reviews on Steam–one of the highest ratings a game can get.

The Forest is available for $19.99 (at the time of publishing) on Steam.

V Rising

Best Survival Games Steam V Rising Image
V Rising, Source: Steam

V Rising is a vampire-based, survival game where you start as a vampire and have to hunt for blood at nearby areas while avoiding the sun. You will then have to build your castle and survive in an open world. Players will have to convert humans to become servants in their castle, fend off holy soldiers, and ally with others or go solo. The game was developed by Stunlock Studios and debuted in 2022. It has received over 50,000 very positive reviews since.

V Rising is available for $19.99 (at the time of publishing) on Steam.

We hope our list of games like 7 Days to Die on Steam has helped you find a new survival game to try out the next time you’re looking to play one of these types of games! Is there a must-play survival game that you’ve tried? Share below in the comments!

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