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Get free model packs made by Roblox for your next Roblox Game!

Roblox has released a bunch of great new packs that you can use in Roblox Studio when creating your next game!
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If you’re into Roblox game development, then you’ll be happy to know that you can get yourself some free resources for your next game! These come from Roblox themselves, and include a bunch of forest elements, as well as city building, roads, and props! This is a bunch of stuff that could allow you to build a game without having to do much modeling on your own.

If you’d like the new pack, you can head to the Forest Pack, City Building, City Road, and City Props pack on Roblox. Once you’ve added them to your inventory, you can then go into Roblox Studio and find them there. These are pretty high quality, so they are going to be a lot better than most of the free stuff you will find in the studio.

Forest Pack

The Forest Pack includes trees, bushes, plants, foliage, boulders, rocks, a log, and tree stump.

The Leaf Cards for Trees use Surface Appearance and Transparency, using 32-bit textures with opaque color channels and separate alpha channel.

Also included are Leaf particles that use a volume you can scale up or down to fit your trees.

In addition, there is wildlife including butterflies, dragonflies, fish and hawks. The wildflife have built-in animations. You can view the animations by clicking the Play button in Studio.

Official description of the Forest Pack on Roblox

City Building Pack

The City Building Pack features full buildings and separate sections that can be stacked. To create buildings of different heights, place the base, then stack the middle section multiple times, then place the roof on top.

Official description of the City Building Pack on Roblox

City Road Pack

The City Road Pack includes multiple road and sidewalk tiles that are designed to snap together, so you can construct your own layout. Each tile includes PBR textures with Surface Appearance. Decal meshes can be layered on top of the tiles for additional variation.

Also included are a stop sign, and animated traffic lights. If you place multiple traffic lights, they will be in sync depending on which direction they are rotated, so the lights in 4-way intersections work as expected.

Official description of the City Road Pack on Roblox

City Props Pack

The official Roblox City Props Pack includes a set of items that would commonly be found in a city, including:

– Telephone Pole
– Street Light
– Pylon for Power Lines
– Planter (several)
– Statue
– Bus Stop Shelter
– Garbage Bin
– Air Conditioning Unit
– Railing
– Bench
– Mailbox
– Street Lamp
– Newspaper Vending Box
– Traffic Barrel Drum
– Fire Hydrant

Most of the props include PBR textures with Surface Appearance.

Official description of the City Props Pack on Roblox

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