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Godzilla vs Kong is coming to Roblox Islands!

Roblox Islands has partnered up with the movie studio behind Godzilla vs Kong to create a special event!
Featured Islands Godzilla Vs Kong Image

As Roblox grows, they continue to get crossovers from various different media types. They’ve gone hard into music, and have started to dabble more with movie tie-ins. The developers of Islands have been notably apart of this because not too long ago they promoted a movie in game called The Witches. It looks like that promotion must have been a hit, because they are back doing another partnership for the movie Godzilla vs. Kong!

Godzilla vs Kong is coming to Islands! Join us tomorrow at 12pm PST for a special event!

A countdown for the event can be found in the newly destroyed Hub!

From the Islands Discord Server

If you head into the game and go to the main hub area you will find the first evidence of this next update! There are footprints from each of these monsters, and they have even busted up the hub quite a bit!

We don’t know yet what else will be added to the game, but we should know soon because the update goes live at 12pm PST! Be sure to check out Islands on Roblox to try your hand at building up a world of your choosing.

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  1. Cool_Ama1225

    Hello Shaun,
    I hope this note finds you well!
    Last year at the beginning of the Pandemic I contacted you about a cancelled game on Roblox and you kindly directed me to Roblox Islands!
    I want you to know that my 9 year old Grandson and I still throughly enjoy Islands and find the game very entertaining and a way to be a little creative!
    I have a question for you like usual!
    How long will the Godzilla -Kong update be available on Islands? Take care and thanks again!
    Sincerely , Debbie

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Hey Debbie, I absolutely remember that and I had hoped that you enjoyed the game! I’m glad to hear it worked out.

      According to the Islands Twitter the event will be available for two weeks:

      I hope you and your grandson are well, and it was great hearing from you!