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Goose Goose Duck All Achievements List

We're taking a look at all of the achievements you can get when playing Goose Goose Duck!
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Goose Goose Duck is a new social game that will have you completing tasks and working together to complete missions while keeping your eye out for malicious Mallards and other scary bird types. It’s a mix of Among Us and Town of Salem with a lot more roles, in-game voice chat, and expanded tasks to complete. The game is free-to-play and features some cosmetic microtransactions for purchase! If you’re wondering what all of the achievements are that you can complete, we have a full list of them below.

The majority of the achievements can be completed by playing the game quite a bit, but some of them are hidden and require some special circumstances to occur for you to get them. There are currently 38 achievements in total for Goose Goose Duck, with more likely to be added in the future!

All Goose Goose Duck Achievements List

  • Welcome to the Gaggle – Complete a game
  • Novice Goose – Complete 10 games
  • A New Hobby – Complete 100 games
  • Abduckted – Complete 1,000 games
  • Goosetacular – Complete 5,000 games
  • Task Turtle – Complete 10 tasks
  • Task Rabbit – Complete 50 tasks
  • Task Fox – Complete 500 tasks
  • Task Eagle – Complete 5,000 tasks
  • Task Cheetah – Complete 25,000 tasks
  • Duck – Kill a Goose
  • Murderous! – Kill 10 Geese
  • Duck of Death – Kill 75 Geese
  • Duck Undertaker – Kill 500 Geese
  • The Professional – Kill 2,500 Geese
  • Sabotage – Sabotage 1 time
  • That was Intentional – Sabotage 10 times
  • I’ve Done This Before – Sabotage 100 times
  • Thrive on Chaos – Sabotage 750 times
  • Duck Terrorist – Sabotage 2,500 times
  • Win a Game – Win 1 game
  • The Winner’s Circle – Win 5 games
  • So Much Winning – Win 75 games
  • Tired of Winning – Win 500 games
  • Chicken Dinner – Win 2,500 games
  • Hello? – Use the intercom 3 times
  • Is it me, – Use the intercom 10 times
  • You’re looking for? – Use the intercom 100 times
  • I can see it in your eyes. – Use the intercom 750 times
  • I can see it in your smile. – Use the intercom 3,500 times
  • The Cleanup Crew – Do the Sort Waste or Eject Garbage Task 500 times
  • A Day at the Spa – Do the Test Hot Water or Draw a Bath Task 250 times
  • R-ejected – Get ejected into space 100 times
  • We Need More Lemon Pledge – Do the Clean Manifolds or Disinfect Showers Task 500 times
  • Dapper – Eject everything but the Diamond Ring from the Trash Chute (Eject Garbage Task)
  • I’m Going to Burn This Place – Fail to scan your ID card in a game over 10 times
  • Warp 9 Engaged – Engage Warp 9 (Warp Sequence Task – You have a random chance to get Warp 1-9)
  • Written Out of the Script – Get ejected out of the airlock in Cargo Bay (SS/BS Maps)

That’s everything we know about all of the achievements you can get in Goose Goose Duck! You can find more details about the game in the Goose Goose Duck section of our website.

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