Goose Goose Duck Adds Seamstress Role & Corruption Game Mode

Goose Goose Duck has added a new game mode called Corruption, and a novel Seamstress role, giving players a more advanced gaming experience.
Duck Duck Goose Seamstress Role
Image: Gaggle Studios

Goose Goose Duck has recently unveiled some noteworthy additions to its gameplay. The new updates include a fresh game mode named ‘Corruption’, designed specifically for experienced players, and the ‘Seamstress’ role, which brings a new dynamic to the game.

The Seamstress role brings the ability to compare corruption once per round. Meanwhile, the Corruption game mode offers a more advanced variant of the Classic mode, introducing the corruption mechanic alongside several new roles.

Duck Duck Goose Seamstress Details
Image: Gaggle Studios

In an effort to cater to the diverse preferences of its player base, the developers have opted to separate the corruption mechanic from the classic Bloodhaven mode. The new Corruption game mode is now the exclusive home to the corruption mechanic and its associated roles. This change allows players to experience Bloodhaven without the corruption mechanic if they prefer a more traditional game.

The removal of roles such as High Priest, Initiate, Inquisitor, Demon Hunter, Saint, and Crow marks a shift in the Bloodhaven Classic mode. Moreover, the night-time transformation of the town will no longer render players as demons. The developers have also made alterations to the sabotage mechanics in the Classic mode. The Basic Demon now summons a demon that chases and freezes a player upon contact. Additionally, new features such as Cursed Vision, Cursed Bell, and Poison Water introduce unique challenges and restrictions during the gameplay.

Meanwhile, the newly formed Bloodhaven Corruption mode encompasses a different set of roles, including High Priest, Initiate, Inquisitor, Demon Hunter, Saint, Seamstress, and Crow. The sabotage mechanics in this mode involve summoning various types of demons that freeze and corrupt players upon contact, along with a Corruption Scan feature that allows scanning the map to see the real-time location of corrupted players.

The developers hint at potential expansions of the Corruption game mode to other existing maps and future maps, which will still provide the Classic game mode experience to the players.

Alongside these significant changes, the update also brings an array of bug fixes and optimizations aimed at improving the overall gaming experience.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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