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Goose Goose Duck All Roles List Explained!

We're taking a detailed look at the entire role selection from the game Goose Goose Duck!
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Goose Goose Duck is a new social game that will have you completing tasks and working together to complete missions while keeping your eye out for malicious Mallards and other scary bird types. It’s a mix of Among Us and Town of Salem with a lot more roles, in-game voice chat, and expanded tasks to complete. The game is free-to-play and features some cosmetic microtransactions for purchase! If you’re wondering what all of the roles do in the game, we’ll tell you what you can do with them in this guide.

Goose Goose Duck All Roles List

There are a large variety of roles in the game for Geese and Ducks. Some are Neutral, which means you are neither Duck or Goose.


You win if you are voted out.

Dodo is a Neutral role that just requires you to get voted out and you will win the game! Try to look as suspicious as possible, and get the other players to focus on what you’re doing to get an easy victory by getting kicked.


Eat corpses to win.

Vulture is a Neutral role that requires you to eat three corpses to win the game. You can’t actually kill anyone yourself, but if you come across a dead body, you can use the eat button to consume it. The three corpses consumed can be over the course of the game.


Infect everyone before a meeting to win the game.

Pigeon is a Neutral role that will have you looking to infect other players around the map. If you can infect every single player before a meeting is called, you will automatically win the game. To infect other players, you just need to get close to them and hit the infect button. You can’t visually tell if you’ve infected a player, but you will know they are infected if you can’t press the infect button on them. Pigeons can use the vents to get around.


Win as the last survivor. Geese only win by tasks and ducks only win by sabotages while you’re alive. Always skips voting.

Falcon is a Neutral role that requires you to make it to the end of the game. However, your odds are increased because Geese can only win by completing all of the required tasks. Ducks can only win by sabotage. The one negative to the role is that you always skip out on voting.


Complete tasks to increase your bounty. Survive to prevent your killer from stealing your earnings.

Gravy is a Goose role that will require you to complete tasks that will increase your bounty. If you can make it all the way to the end, you will earn the money you collect by completing the bounties. However, if you get killed, the killer will steal everything you earned during the game!


You can use vents.

Mechanic is a Goose role that allows you to use the vents as if you were a Duck! This can obviously be risky, because players might see you using the vents and assume you’re a Duck.


You can hide in nooks and crannies.

Snoop is a Goose role that allows you to hide in certain areas of each map. Things like lockers and other small room like areas that have doors on them. You will know you can hide in a place when the hide option lights up in the game.


You can kill one player without consequences.

Vigilante is a Goose role that allows you to assassinate someone without any consequences. That means even if you get voted out because of a call on the kill you made, you will not be removed from the game. It’s basically a free kill that you can use for fun on a friend or someone who is annoying you! You will have to wait 20 seconds before you can do it coming out of the beginning of the game or a meeting.


You can detect the approximate location of sabotages on the minimap.

Technicians is a Goose role that will show you on the mini-map and full map where a sabotage is about to occur.


You have limited vision but you can see through walls.

Birdwatcher is a Goose role that gives you the ability to walk up to walls and see on the other side. If you are already playing a limited vision game, then this is just all benefit and no negative.


You can detect the number of ghosts.

Medium is a Goose role that will allow you to activate your power to see how many ghosts are currently in the game. You will have to wait 20 seconds at the start of the game and after the end of a round to use the ability.


Your killer auto self-reports after a short period.

Canadian is a Goose role that will punish any poor soul that decides to kill you because your death will be reported automatically after a small window of time.


You can kill anyone but killing a Goose has fatal consequences.

Sheriff is a Goose role that allows you to assassinate any Ducks that you think exist in your game. However, if you get it wrong, you will be killed as well. You will need to be very sure that your target is a Duck!


The Ducks will see you as another Duck. (No blind Ducks, Friendly Fire On)

Mimic is a Goose role that shows you as a Duck to the other Ducks in the game. You don’t have to do anything special for this one, it automatically shows you as a Duck and will hopefully keep you safe from them!


Once per game, you can investigate a player to see if they have killed yet.

Detective is a Goose role that allows you to get close to a player and investigate them. It will tell you whether or not they have killed another player or not. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are a Duck, but it certainly can make you suspicious!


Gain a bonus by protecting a specific player until the end of the game.

Bodyguard is a Goose role which requires you to protect a player to get a bonus if you and them can survive to the end of the game. You will be told the name of the player you need to protect when you start the game.


You can eat one corpse per game.

Cannibal is a Duck role that allows you to eat a single corpse. This will allow you to clean up the evidence of one of your kills, and prevent someone from calling a meeting. You will have to use it strategically, because you only get to use it once in the game!


You can mute one player every round for meetings.

Silencer is a Duck role that allows you to quiet down one of those pesky players. If someone witnessed you kill someone, then it might be a good idea to silence them for the round and dispatch them later. You will need to be careful with this because you might give yourself away if you are the only one not being silenced!


You learn the role of a player if you are the only one to vote for them at a meeting.

Spy is a Duck role that will give you a chance to learn the role of another player if you are the only one that has voted for them. This is a useful role to get knowledge with, but you will have to make sure you are voting for people that are unlikely to get other votes!


Twice per game, kill during meetings by correctly guessing a role or die trying.

Assassin is a Duck role that will allow you to kill someone if you can guess their role. You have a assassinate button that shows up when voting on the side of the screen. You can click on it and select the player you think you know the role, and it will pop up a menu with all of the possible roles. If you pick the wrong one, you will be doomed!


Geese cannot see your victims and will auto-report them if they get close. You cannot report corpses.

Professional is a Duck role that allows you to be sneaky with your kills. You will want to try and kill people that are in an awkward position, not in areas where other players will be traveling frequently.


Kill a specific player to gain a bonus.

Hitman is a Duck role that will give you a target at the beginning of the game for you to kill. If you forget who it is they will have a target next to their name to remind you if you get close to them. You will get more Silver Coins at the end of the game if you successfully slaughter the target!


You are bonded in life and death with another player. You can win normally, but you and your lover can also win if you are the last ones to survive.

Lover is a Duck or Goose role that will pick another player that you are tethered to in a sense. You aren’t forced to win with them, but it does benefit you to keep them around because you could win faster if they survive to the end. Your lover’s name will be bright pink so you know who it is!


You can impersonate other players.

Morphling is a Duck role that will allow you to use a needle on a player to take their essence and then use it to shift into their likeness. This lasts for 30 seconds before you will need to grab more DNA from another player to shapeshift again!

That’s everything we know about all of the roles in Goose Goose Duck! You can find more details about the game in the Goose Goose Duck section of our website.

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