Halsey and SUGA Release Diablo IV Lilith Anthem Music Video

Diablo IV has a new promotional music video, featuring Halsey and SUGA from BTS performing a fresh version of "Lilith".
Halsey Suga Diablo 4 Collab
Image: Halsey / Suga

Halsey and SUGA of BTS have officially released a reimagined version of “Lilith”, in celebration of Diablo IV launching tomorrow on June 6th, 2023. Diablo IV is the long-awaited sequel in Blizzard Entertainment’s hit action RPG series, which will be available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Halsey tweeted today that both she and SUGA have been longtime fans of the franchise. You can watch their new iteration of “Lilith” on Halsey’s official YouTube channel here:

Today’s new version of the song is a follow-up to Halsey’s previous performance of “Lilith” at The Game Awards 2022, which is certain to draw comparisons.

Halsey summoned an impressively raw attitude for the live performance, going out of her way to effectively embody something that she is distinctly passionate about. The gothic setting and outfit also went a long way, creating something edgy and mysterious.

Diablo 4 Halsey
Image: Halsey

The Game Awards version is probably more compelling than the polished look of today’s new collaboration, despite its slick visuals and gorgeous production value. The glossy effects, costumes, and shaky cam don’t pack quite as much of a punch.

However, the musical collaboration itself is sure to please fans of both artists, who seem fully committed, and their styles do naturally complement each other as expected.

Today’s music video boasts some very neat elaborations, where SUGA’s performance feels like a tidy musical answer than anything too shoehorned. This mainly works because of the new pacing, which is surely more inspired by the source material’s frenetic action.

Diablo 4 Halsey Robe
Image: Halsey

The electronic percussion has a better sense of relentless determination and ferocity compared to the previous version. This even continues through the finale, which also has tints of tragedy that offer a more satisfying conclusion. The new promo feels a little more like an anthem than a character’s ode, perhaps capturing the series as a whole in addition to Lilith.

It would have been more engaging if there were clearer ties to the lore itself, both in the lyrics and video. But it is somewhat bloody, and it’s nice that SUGA’s performance at least helped give the emotional cornerstones of the song some more context. It’s fun to see SUGA in a different way, and they did a decent job of altering their style enough to enter the world of Diablo.

Diablo 4 Suga
Image: SUGA

As for Diablo IV itself, the game hardly required any further marketing. It recently released an exclusive NVIDIA trailer that showcases some stunning gameplay footage. Existing trailers should be more than enough to invite new audiences to try out the blunt force attitude of Diablo.

But the new music video will surely help reach younger players, many of whom could be unfamiliar. After all, the core franchise has been absent since 2012.

Where Halsey’s TGA performance is something more potent and personal, with a tone akin to Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, the new collaboration still has a winning combination of talent and expands enough to justify its existence.

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