Hearthstone April Fools’ 2023 Patch Notes Revealed

Discover the funny side of Hearthstone's April Fools' 2023 Patch Notes, featuring tongue-in-cheek updates, new game modes, and comical card alterations.
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The long-awaited Hearthstone April Fools’ 2023 Patch Notes have arrived, offering humorously crafted updates for Standard, Wild, Battlegrounds, and more. Notable general updates include Nemsy Necrofizzle becoming the default Warlock hero, the introduction of Hearthstone Mild, which replaces the Wild mode, and the removal of the “Make Bad Cards” button, ensuring only good cards are created from now on.

A new feature, Streamer Integration, is introduced, allowing players to join the streaming action when paired against a streamer. By clicking the link next to the streamer’s Battletag, players can visit the stream directly and join in on the fun.

Card updates bring humorous changes to Quartermaster, Hemet Nesingwary, and Worgen Greaser. The Quartermaster now grants Silver Hand Recruits +3/+3 with a new voiceline, “Three arms, men!” Hemet Nesingwary’s Battlecry has been altered to “Send a Beast to a farm upstate,” making it more family-friendly. Worgen Greaser remains unchanged, despite the developers’ exciting announcement. The Pizza Stone card back now features pineapple, thanks to popular demand.

Corrupting a card now corrupts its art assets as well. To streamline the game, several keywords have been removed from Hearthstone, similar to the previous removal of the “Enrage” keyword.

Battlegrounds Updates bring amusing changes to minions like Titus Rivendare, Tarecgosa, and Picky Eater. Bob will now jeer at players in last place instead of offering encouragement. Minions have Rune requirements when playing as The Lich King, and selling your Buddy ends your friendship permanently.

The patch also includes several bug fixes, such as addressing the issue where Paladins could attack with The Immovable Object and removing the Swarm of Locusts to fix seven bugs simultaneously. If you want to see all of what was part of this fake update, you can see them on the official Hearthstone website.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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