Hearthstone’s Audiopocalypse Mini-Set Now Live with Patch 26.4

Patch 26.4 brings the Audiopocalypse Mini-Set, introducing new characters, Diablo-themed events, and gameplay enhancements to Hearthstone's various game modes.
Hearthstone Audiopocalypse Mini Set
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

The latest update to Hearthstone, Patch 26.4, ushers in the Audiopocalypse Mini-Set, featuring 38 new cards to add to players’ collections. The set is now available in Festival of Legends packs or as a complete 72-card Mini-Set. The Golden version of the Mini-Set, which also includes a Diamond copy of the Legendary minion Magatha, Bane of Music, can be obtained in-game with gold or real currency.

The patch introduces the Festival of Legends, a music-themed event featuring an Epic Rock Duel challenge from June 6 to June 20. Players can earn Event XP by completing Event Quests, with rewards including a Standard Pack, a March of the Lich King Pack, and a Festival of Legends Pack.

Hearthstone Path Of Legends
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

As part of the Festival, Hearthstone has brought back a special Diablo-themed Tavern Brawl, known as The Dark Wanderer. This unique boss battle progresses even after a loss and rewards players who defeat Diablo with a special Lilith card back. Additionally, a new dungeon-run style Tavern Brawl, Battle of the Bands, lets players face off against seven randomized musical acts and the final boss E.T.C. Successful players are rewarded with Standard and Festival of Legends packs.

The Battlegrounds mode introduces two new heroes, Inge the Iron Hymn and Cap’n Hoggarr, whose abilities revolve around augmenting minion stats and accruing gold, respectively. In addition, Diablo, the lord of terror, returns from June 5-7 before being removed from the hero pool. Animated Epic Emotes are a fresh addition to Battlegrounds, offering expressive alternatives to the base Battlegrounds emotes.

The Duels mode sees the return of Diablo with original Hero Powers and Signature Treasures, as well as a new Signature Treasure, Journey to the East. The Stone of Jordan is a new Active Treasure introduced in Duels, which grants a temporary Attack boost and draws two cards, enhancing any drawn spells with Spell Damage.

The Arena mode ushers in a new season with the onset of Audiopocalypse, rotating the eligible sets and incorporating the new Mini-Set. Bug fixes and improvements across Hearthstone’s game modes, progression, achievements, and in-game shop are also a part of Patch 26.4. Specific fixes include dynamic updates to hover-over text, improved tooltips, and the rectification of bugs affecting certain cards and interactions. Additionally, all old Hearthstone Adventures are now purchasable with Gold in the in-game shop.

Shaun Savage

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