Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny DLC Announced For Fall

Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny DLC has been announced for a Fall release, offering a fresh perspective on the histories of four Northern European democracies.
Hearts Of Iron Iv Arms Against Tyranny Promo Art
Image: Paradox Development Studio

The highly regarded grand strategy wargame Hearts of Iron IV is expanding its horizons with the announcement of a new DLC pack, Arms Against Tyranny. The expansion focuses on the challenges faced by four Northern democracies—Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden—in the throes of the Second World War.

In the upcoming Arms Against Tyranny DLC, Paradox Interactive introduces new alternate histories and focus trees for the Northernmost nations of Europe. It offers players the chance to rewrite the history of the Nordic countries, exploring whether they can cleverly use diplomacy or strong resistance to avoid conquest by predatory dictatorships.

Finland, in the midst of the Winter War, faces a formidable Soviet adversary. Despite a disadvantage in air and armored forces, Finnish forces can use their homeland defense advantage to defy the odds. The DLC offers alternate paths of history, allowing the player to bolster fascist sympathizers advocating for a Greater Finland or take a socialist path, either with or without Soviet support.

Sweden, the wealthiest among the Nordic nations, stands a chance of preserving its neutrality while serving as an arms designer and trader. It has to navigate the challenge of strong unions and the need to upgrade its obsolete forces to defend itself.

The DLC also focuses on Norway and Denmark. Norway grapples with the challenge of remaining neutral in the face of German aggression while a young industrial nation. Denmark, with its long-standing policy of neutrality, faces the dilemma of joining the democratic Allies or pursuing the dream of a united Scandinavia, reviving the old Kalmar Union.

Additionally, the Arms Against Tyranny expansion introduces customization of weapons manufacturers and offers new ways for neutral nations to capitalize on their neutrality for the benefit of their own citizens. This includes a new International Market feature that allows nations to become arms exporting powerhouses, thus increasing their industrial production at home while fueling wars abroad.

Furthermore, this expansion introduces numerous updates and changes to the design and organization of military divisions. This includes the customization of special forces units, divisional specializations, and more. Complementing these enhancements, the DLC will also feature new unit art, including Finnish snowmobile brigades, and 10 new songs inspired by the cultures in Arms Against Tyranny.

You can wishlist the new expansion DLC on Steam.

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