Helldivers 2 Co-Op and Combat Gameplay Details Unveiled

PlayStation reveals details on the co-op and combat mechanics of the upcoming third-person squad-based shooter, Helldivers 2.
Helldivers 2 Combat Gameplay
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed additional information about the highly anticipated third-person squad-based shooter, Helldivers 2, ahead of its upcoming release later this year. Developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, Helldivers 2 builds on the success of its predecessor, promising a heart-pounding, high-intensity experience, with friendly-fire-enabled action of cooperative destruction. In this sequel, players will once again take on the role of galactic peacekeepers and soldiers on behalf of Super Earth, but with some serious upgrades.

According to a recent post on the PlayStation.Blog, preparation for the mission in Helldivers 2 begins as soon as the player’s Helldiver defrosts on their ship. Together with their squadmates, players must customize their armor, weapons, and stratagems, creating a loadout tailored to the challenges that they may encounter.

Stratagems play a pivotal role in Helldivers 2, serving as the players’ greatest aid. These powerful tools can range from devastating airstrikes to Hellpods containing more formidable weaponry, as well as defensive gear and extra supplies. Coordination among the team becomes crucial when selecting stratagems, as players must ensure that the best possible load-outs for certain enemies and mission types are chosen.

Defensive stratagems must also be considered, allowing one Helldiver to handle the heavy fire while another Helldiver calls down a shield generator to protect teammates as the enemies push back. In a four-person team, players will be able to select a mix of stratagems and weapons that will lead to a unique victory every time.

Once the Hellpod lands on a planet, players can start calling in support stratagems, which include more powerful weapons, shield generators, and supply backpacks. Each team member in Helldivers 2 can adopt their preferred playstyle, whether it’s engaging up close or maintaining a safe distance with sniper rifle stratagems to eliminate enemies.

During intense action, casualties will be inevitable, both from relentless enemy hordes and occasional friendly fire incidents. In any case, the team’s first priority is to use a Reinforce stratagem to call their new Helldiver down to the planet to pick up right where the players left off.

Apart from cooperative combat, there will be cooperative objectives to tackle with the team as well. Team members will be able to share their locations with each other and move together across the map. Players may also encounter optional objectives to complete, requiring a small detour with their teammates, and more ammunition.

Helldivers 2 is set to launch on PS5 and PC this year. While the specific release date remains undisclosed, you can add Helldivers 2 to your Steam and PlayStation Store wishlists to be notified as soon as it becomes available.

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