Horror Stealth Shooter ‘Blood West’ Set for Full Release in December 2023

"Blood West," a unique blend of Wild West and supernatural horror, is set for its full launch out of Early Access in December 2023.
Blood West Miner With Gold Nugget
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The gritty and dark world of “Blood West,” a stealth horror shooter, is set to fully emerge from its Early Access cocoon in December 2023. This game, set in the backdrop of a supernatural Wild West, offers players an experience that attempts to marry cowboy culture and horror.

In “Blood West,” players assume the role of a lone gunslinger, resurrected by mysterious and potent spirits. This dark and gripping adventure leads players through dangerous terrains and confrontations with formidable adversaries. In this unforgiving landscape, building a substantial arsenal is a necessity for survival.

Blood West Noose
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One of the most interesting aspects of the game lies in its focus on stealth and strategy, rather than solely on the size or power of one’s weaponry. Navigating the treacherous shadows of the Wild West requires cunning, as players must master the silent strike. As they stalk their enemies under the moonlit skies, carefully selecting targets and eliminating foes without a whisper becomes an art.

Complementing the intense combat sequences is the game’s character progression system. As players advance through “Blood West,” they collect skill points and artifacts, unlocking new abilities and strengths that give their characters an edge. However, in the cursed world of “Blood West,” death also leads to the accumulation of negative traits that must be reversed or negated, adding an extra layer of challenge to the gameplay.

Blood West Abandoned Train
Image: Hyperstrange

The diverse array of enemies present in “Blood West” is another intriguing feature. Each enemy is not just a physical threat but also a mental challenge. Players must think creatively, from handling bugmen who alert their nearby comrades to finding the right ammunition to fight off ghosts or learning the vulnerabilities of undead alligators. Each encounter with an enemy is designed to be an intense and memorable experience.

Blood West Zombie
Image: Hyperstrange

The non-linear nature of “Blood West” gives players the freedom to carve their unique path through the Wild West and choose which quests to tackle next.

The full launch of “Blood West” in December 2023 will bring improvements and updates to the game’s visuals and gameplay mechanics for the first two chapters. This full launch will also introduce players to the third and final chapter of the game, drawing the curtain on the wild, supernatural West adventure.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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