How do you Reroll a Quirk in Anime Champions Simulator?

Wondering how to reroll Quirks in Anime Champions Simulator? We have all the information you need to know!
Anime Champions Simulator Magic Tree
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In Anime Champions Simulator, as players journey through various worlds, they gather coins to repair teleports. Once you’ve ventured to Pirate Town, a new task awaits: fixing a magic tree. This task is given by Scientist Simon in ACS. But there’s more to it. After fixing the tree, you’re introduced to the concept of rerolling Quirks. So, how exactly do you go about rerolling quirks?

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Anime Champions Simulator – How do you Reroll a Quirk

First and foremost, to reroll Quirks, you must repair the Magic Tree and then step through its portal. It’s essential to note that you cannot reroll quirks while in Pirate Town. Instead, upon entering the portal, you’ll find yourself in Champions Town, the home of the Magic Tree. As you familiarize yourself with the surroundings, look to the right of the leaderboards. There, you’ll find a path that leads directly to the Magic Tree. It’s a significant landmark and hard to overlook.

Once you reach the Magic Tree, you’ll notice a shimmering floor labeled “Quirks.” Step onto it. Here, you’ll see a plus sign. Click on it and choose the champion whose quirk you wish to reroll. For instance, if you select Kuroji, you’ll need Pirate Medals to reroll his quirk. On the other hand, if you choose Echolo (resembling Piccolo), Dragon Medals are required.

How do you get Medals in Anime Champions Simulator?

But where do you get these medals in Anime Champions Simulator? The answer lies in defeating the mightiest monsters in each world, or the ones with the most HP in each world. Specifically, to obtain Dragon Medals, you must vanquish Frieza in Green World. For Pirate Medals, your target is the Harbormeister in Pirate Town. This information is verified and accurate.

Anime Champions Simulator Reroll Quirk
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After collecting the necessary medals, return to the Magic Tree in ACS. Select your chosen champion and press the reroll button. If it doesn’t work, make sure to lick the empty Quirk slot. Be mindful that rerolling will consume medals. The rarity of the champion determines the number of medals needed. To finish the quest, you’ll need to complete this rerolling process five times.

For those looking for a shortcut, there’s an alternative: Premium Medals. These special medals can bypass the need for specific world medals. However, their acquisition remains a mystery. Some believe they might be obtained randomly by defeating enemies.

Rerolling quirks in Anime Champions Simulator involve repairing the Magic Tree, collecting specific medals by defeating powerful monsters, and then using these medals at the tree.

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