How To Add Friends In Lost Ark

Adding friends can be a little bit confusing with Lost Ark's complicated UI. In this guide we'll show you how to add friends in Lost Ark, so you don't have to adventure alone.
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Navigating the world of Lost Ark alone can be treacherous. Nothing quite lives up to the experience of traveling through this action-packed MMORPG with friends. Unfortunately, navigating Lost Ark’s UI can be just as difficult, making adding friends a challenge. In this guide, we’ll show you how to add friends in Lost Ark, so you can get adventuring fast.

Adding Friends In Lost Ark

The first thing you need to do to add a friend in Lost Ark is to send them a friend request. There are a few ways you can do this, but the easiest and fasted way is by interacting with their character. This is especially useful if you made a new friend in the wilds of Lost Ark, but if you have friends joining the game with you, you can have them meet you in the world space.

To interact with someone’s character in Lost Ark, you will first need to hover your mouse over them. Once you’re hovering their avatar, hold down the Ctrl button and right-click. This will open up a menu of options for interacting with this player. From there, simply click add friend.

While sending a friend request is easy, receiving one is a bit more of a challenge. Lost Ark’s somewhat cluttered UI doesn’t give the best notifications for things like friend requests, so we’ll also show you how to tell when you’ve received one.

How To Accept Friend Requests In Lost Ark

After receiving a friend request in Lost Ark, you may not get the most obvious of notifications. To see and accept your friend requests, navigate to the Community tab in the bottom right corner of the screen. When you have a new friend request, the Community tab will have a little red notification circle on it.

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Once the Community tab is open, you will see an option called Friends. Open this window, and then navigate to the Request tab. Here you can view all incoming and outgoing friend requests, and send some more out if you need to. Your incoming friend requests will have a green checkbox or red x, press the green checkbox to accept. If you want to cancel an outgoing friend request, you can click the red x next to it.

That’s how you add friends on Lost Ark! We hope this guide helped you find some company on your adventures. For more information to improve your ark hunting experience, check out our other Lost Ark guides.

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