How to Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl

We'll show you how your QB can throw a bullet pass to get the ball to your receiver fast in Retro Bowl!
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In my opinion, Retro Bowl is one of the best mobile games available to play right now! It faithfully recreates the gameplay of old generation football based games like Tecmo Bowl and puts it into the palm of your hand. You get to manage your team, pick the players, and then take them on the field to lead them to victory. If you’re wondering how you can throw a bullet pass with your quarterback, we’ll teach you how with this guide!

Bullet Passes

To throw a bullet pass in Retro Bowl, you need to go back to pass normally by pulling back with your finger on the screen. Once you are back to pass, tap on the screen with another finger to convert your throw into a bullet pass. When you throw the ball with this enabled, it will arrive to the target much faster, but be harder to catch.

The bullet pass is used to get the ball into a tight window when your player is under tight coverage. You will need to move the path of the ball farther than normal to reach the receiver and not just hit them in the feet. The receiver will need to have a higher catching stat to actually grab the ball when you throw a bullet pass.

With a normal throw, you get a decent arc where the ball will float a bit and then land at the target. This is demonstrated in the image below.

Retro Bowl Normal Pass Example

With the bullet pass, you will get a much straighter line. It fires at the target much quicker, but it also has a tendency to land low on the receiver, which can lead to more misses. You generally only want to do bullet passes for short gains, because you won’t be able to arc it over the defender on deeper routes.

Retro Bowl Bullet Pass Example

Bullet passes are good for flat, out, slant, curl, and comeback routes where your receiver will get seperation when they make their move. This is usually a short window, so getting the ball there fast is of great benefit!

If you want to opt out of the bullet pass, you just need to tap on the screen again with your second finger and you will go back to a normal throw.

That is all the information that you need to throw a bullet pass in Retro Bowl! You can find more coverage on the game in the Retro Bowl section of our website.

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