How To Capture In Weird West

Capturing bounty targets in Weird West is the best way to earn the most rewards from your bounty hunting. Check out this guide for how to knock out your targets and deliver them to the Sheriff alive.
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Bounty hunting in Weird West is a straightforward way to earn some money; It’s cash for bodies, and the living ones pay more. If you find yourself bringing all your targets in dead and you don’t mean to, you may be thinking that you’re missing out on something. In this guide I’ll tell you how to capture your bounty targets alive in Weird West.

Capturing Bounty Targets Alive

All you need to do to capture your bounty targets alive is to knock them out and handcuff them. Once they’re knocked out, you’ll have the option to handcuff them, and then you just need to deliver them to the sheriff to get your reward.

To knock them out, you’ll have to first sneak behind them. Be very careful, because if you’re spotted you’ll lose the ability to capture your target and you’ll have to kill them.

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Capturing bounty targets alive will net you more rewards from the Sheriff, including more money. While killing your targets is much easier, taking your target alive is definitely the go-to answer if you’re looking to get more out of your bounty hunting.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to capture every bounty target alive in Weird West. Certain bounty targets, such as Shelby Cross, you’ll be forced to kill, but most bounty hunting targets can be captured alive.

How To Knock Out Targets In Weird West

Knocking enemies out can be a difficult task that requires some finesse. When you’ve gotten up behind a bounty target undetected, a prompt will appear which will let you knock them out. After knocking a target out this way, you can then carry their bodies out of the area and head towards the Sheriff.

Be careful, as you can still kill knocked-out targets with a melee attack. Doing so won’t wake up the target, but you’ll have to turn your target in dead for a reduced reward.

That’s everything you need to know to capture bounty targets alive in Weird West! If you found this guide helpful, be sure to leave a comment below. Check out our other Game Guides for more walkthroughs for your favorite games.

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