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How to change your background in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

We will guide you through the simple process of changing your background in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days!
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KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is a game based on the KonoSuba light novel series that follows a character that is sent into a fantasy world MMORPG. In Fantasy Days, you will be putting together a party that will battle against enemies in an attempt to become stronger. While that’s all well-and-good, you can also customize the look of your UI a bit, so let’s take a look at how to do that!

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Changing your Wallpaper

To change your background in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, you will need to go the home menu area and then tap on the Team button at the bottom of the screen. From this menu, tap on the Character option. Select one of the characters from this screen, and then pick the background option from the list!

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There are a variety of backgrounds to choose, and you can earn additional ones by completing the game’s story chapters! You will have a few available to you even if you haven’t done much in the game.

It is important to note that your home screen will only be changed if you are using the character you have selected as your designated Home Character. If you didn’t know, you can change this by tapping on the little character icon at the Home menu. Select the character that you want to be displayed when you load up the game, and the background will reflect your selection from the character options!

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That’s everything you need to know about changing backgrounds in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! We have more coverage on the game in the KonoSuba: Fantastic Days section of our website.

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