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How to change your emblem in Halo Infinite

We will show you how you can customize your Emblem in Halo Infinite with this easy to follow guide!
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Halo Infinite is the next chapter of the Halo franchise and brings next generation graphics to the series. The game also includes a variety of new features that should please fans new and old. With a new game comes a variety of questions on how to complete certain tasks and use various items in the game. If you aren’t sure how to change your emblem, we’ll show you how in this guide!

Changing Emblems

Emblems are small stickers that you can place on your armor, vehicles, and weapons. They are also used to customize your nameplate, which is what other players will see when you kill them in the game.

All of the Emblems can be changed in the Customize area of the game, which can be found when you’re outside of an actual game and in the menus at the top of the screen. You can access the Armor Hall to customize your armor, the Weapons Bench for guns, the Vehicle Bay for your vehicles, and Body & AI to change the shape of your body and the color of your AI. Spartan ID is also available, which has options like the Service Tag, Voice, Nameplate, Backdrop, and Stance.

To change your Emblem for any of these, you will just need to head into whichever of the menus you want to alter and look for the Emblem option. In the case of your armor, you will find it by going to the Armor Hall, selecting the armor you want to change, and hitting the Mod button.

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Scroll to the right of this area, and look for the Emblem slot. Pick the one you want, and you can then customize the color of it with the option next to it called the Emblem Palette.

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The place where people will see your Emblem the most is via the Nameplate. This can be changed in the Spartan ID custom area, and altered via the Nameplate section. You can also change the color of it with the Palette option. The Backdrop is a separate cosmetic, with only a few options available at the moment. These can be earned by leveling up the Battle Pass.

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You get quite a few Emblems when you start the game, but if you want more you can purchase some from the Store with real money credits. You can also earn some via the Battle Pass, if you level it up to a certain point.

That’s everything you need to know about changing your emblem in Halo Infinite. We have more information on a variety of aspects of the game in the Halo Infinite section of our website!

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