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How to co-op in Roblox Islands

Roblox Islands now allows you to create an island that you can play with invited friends on! Start building your dream island together!
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Roblox Islands just received a new update that allows players to create islands with each other! You will be able to own and operate an island with multiple friends. You will all have access to the chests and anything that spawns on the island. Build something amazing with your pals in this amazing new update.

The big disclaimer about playing co-op with anyone on Islands is that they can take everything off of that island if they choose to. So, only invite people you trust to play or you could end up losing a bunch of stuff!

Co-op in Islands

To co-op in Roblox Islands, you will just need to create a new Save in the Save Slots menu. You will then be prompted with the choice of a solo or co-op island. Select co-op and then create the island. Once your new island is loaded, go back to the Save Slots menu and click on the co-op with friends button at the bottom right. You can now type in a friend’s name to invite them to be apart of your island!

The first step once you enter into the game is to look for the small button with what looks like an identification card on it. Click on this button to open up the Save Slots menu.

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With the menu open, just hit the plus sign (+) to create a new save. You will then be able to select a solo or co-op island to create. Click on the co-op option and then click the Create button.

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It might take a little while, but eventually your new island will load and you will be in a fresh new build. You will now want to invite your friends! Go back to the identification card button, and you should now see a button at the bottom right that says Co-op with friends. Click on it to open up the invitation menu!

Islands Co Op Friends Button Image

This is where you can now type in the username of your family or friend that you want to invite to the game. Remember to only invite people you trust, because they’ll be able to take whatever they want from the map! Once you have the name typed in, just hit Send Invite and that’s it! You just have to wait until they accept the invitation, which will be found in the Save Slots menu.

Islands Co Op Invites Image

You can only invite players when you’re on the island. If you leave to other zones, you won’t be able to invite until you return!

There can be up to seven different players invited to one map. The player who created the map is the only one who can remove people from the island. So, the person who created the island, does have more power than the people who were invited to it. Keep this in mind if you were invited to an island and have done a lot of work on it!

That’s everything about the new co-op feature in Roblox Islands. Be sure to check out the Islands section of our website for more details on many things about the game!

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  1. HDBonesYT

    Is it possible to publish a co op island im wondering because I’m getting pro pass soon and I wanna create a co op server with friends.

  2. Caio

    How did i make a existent server in coop?

  3. db

    how does one remove someone from a coop server

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      You can just click on the passport button on the side of the screen and then click on the X next to the player’s name that you want to remove.

  4. Gamermom

    If you are the owner of an island, how do you actually remove someone from the island in co-op mode?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      You can just click on the passport button on the side of the screen and then click on the X next to the player’s name that you want to remove.

  5. Quaylo

    Does anyone know how to do it on console it doesnt seem to work