How to drop items in Evil Dead The Game

Dropping items in Evil Dead: The Game is a somewhat hidden feature that can be a huge help to your teammates.
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Evil Dead: The Game is a cooperative survival horror where four players have to face off against the Kandarian Demon and their hordes. Cooperative is the keyword here, as players who fail to work together will find themselves succumbing to the power of the Evil Dead. Because of this, in a teamwork setting, players might want to drop items for their team to make use of; If you’re wondering how to drop items in Evil Dead: The Game, this guide has the information you need.

Can you drop items in Evil Dead: The Game?

To drop items in Evil Dead: The Game, you must first open your character’s inventory by pressing the “i” key on keyboard or the View button on the controller. This will bring up a screen that shows your character’s stats as well as all of the items you’re carrying. Simply navigate over the item you want to drop and press the “drop” button indicated at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to help your team out but don’t want to sacrifice your own items, there are plenty of ways you can supply your teammates with healing and ammo without dropping anything you’ve picked up.

There’s a limit to how many healing items (Amulets, Shemp’s cola) each player can carry. You’ll reach this limit pretty quickly, so after you’re stocked up on utility items you can ping the locations of any further items you find for your undersupplied teammates to collect. These items are more common than you might think, with even Deadites dropping them on death.

You can use pings to mark the locations of weapons and ammo as well.

Support classes are another great way to help your team out. Support class characters come with a special passive ability that allows them to share the benefits of any Shemps or Amulets they use to nearby players. In addition, Cheryl William’s active ability creates a healing aura around you, meaning survivors don’t have to use as many healing items. Support players also get a bonus to the amount of Shemps and Amulets they can carry.

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