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How to find & unlock the Trading Plaza in Pet Simulator X

We'll show you how to unlock the Trading Plaza in Roblox Pet Simulator X!
Featured Pet Sim X Trading Plaza Image

The new Trading Plaza in Pet Simulator X is the big new release to the game that was added on October 16th, 2021. Some players are having a bit of trouble finding this place, and understanding what it is all about! We’ll show you where to find it, how to unlock it, and what’s up with the voice chat going on in the area!

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Where to find the Trading Plaza

The Trading Plaza entrance is located in Spawn World in the Shop area where all of the eggs can be found. If you run up the stairs, you will see the Dominus Egg door, and next to it is now the entrance to the Trading Plaza!

Pet Sim X Trading Plaza 1 Image

How to unlock the Trading Plaza

To unlock the Trading Plaza in Pet Simulator x, you will need to spend 1,000,000 Diamonds. Just walk up to the door, and you will be prompted to spend this epic amount of Diamonds.

Pet Sim X Trading Plaza Unlock Image

If you don’t have a lot of Diamonds, you can do a few things to get them. Make sure you are getting your Rank Rewards chest every time it comes off of cooldown. Trade one of your powerful pets to another player for a boat load of Diamonds, or just grind on a chest that will explode often and give you some bonus Diamonds!

Voice Chat

Voice chat is enabled in the Trading Plaza, however, you have to be in the Spatial Voice Chat Beta. If you want to learn how to get it, you should check out this video:

Diamonds Present

When you’re in the new Trading Plaza area, you will now have access to the Diamond Present! This is a new AFK farm item that you can send your pets onto that will only return Diamonds. You also will have access to the various other machines that will fuse your pets, turn them rainbow, and transform them into dark matter!

Pet Sim X Diamond Present Image

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Trading Plaza in Roblox Pet Simulator X! You can check out more information on the game in the Pet Simulator X portion of our website.

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