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How to get a Better Score on Beatstar

If you're obsessed with Beatstar, like many of us are, a few handy tips might help you improve your score!
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Beatstar is a rhythm game for those who love music, and it is similar to Guitar Hero. From brand new hits to classic bangers, there is a song for everyone. You can improve your skills and achieve better scores on your favorite songs!

Tips for Improving Your Beatstar Score

As a beginner or someone looking to improve, you need to know a few handy tips to improve your score.

Choose the Genres You Enjoy

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When you first sign up for Beatstar, you can choose two genres. Make sure you select the genres that you love the most. There’s no point in choosing Metal if it’s not for you.

By choosing genres that you love, you will enjoy the process of obtaining those songs. You will likely know the song and have general knowledge of the rhythm. It’s up to you to apply that to the game.

Sync the In-Game Audio

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To get those Perfect and Perfect+ notes, you need to be able to hear the music and make sure that it is in sync with the beats appearing on your phone’s screen. If the music isn’t in-sync, this could significantly hurt your score!

To check if everything is in-sync, open the game menu, select the “Sync Audio” option, and follow their instructions.

Hit All Perfect+ Notes

Beatstar Perfect Score Zone Image

To achieve the illustrious Diamond medal, you must hit all notes as Perfect+. This may seem unachievable, but it can get easier with more practice and knowing exactly when to press the note.

The Perfect+ zone is when a player plays the note strictly when the beat overlaps the perfect zone on the screen. If it’s too soon or too late, it will result in a Perfect or Great score. Practice pressing the notes right in the perfect zone. This may require you to position your phone in various ways to find the ideal position.

Keep The Multiplier (Streak) Going

Beatstar Multiplier Image

You will activate the multiplier when you can achieve those Perfect or Perfect+ notes. The more Perfect and Perfect+ notes that you hit, the more it increases, and so does your score.

When you break your Perfect and Perfect+ streak, the multiplier goes down. Depending on the difficulty of the song, the multiplier varies. For extreme-level songs, the maximum sequence is x5. For hard-level songs, the maximum sequence is x4. For normal-level songs, the maximum sequence is x3.

With these tips, we hope you can grow your Beatstar scores and gain those difficult medals! Be sure to check out our section on mobile games for more great content!

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  1. heo

    There is an error in your article. The multiplier for hard songs is x4 rather than a x3. Great job nonetheless!

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Fixed, thanks.