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How to get abilities in Anime Training Simulator

We'll teach you all you need to know about getting and using abilities in Roblox Anime Training Simulator!
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Roblox Anime Training Simulator is a new game by Bura. One of the developers on the team is the creator of the very popular Anime Fighters Simulator, so they clearly have some knowledge in this genre. This game is a bit different, but you will still be collecting pets, they just don’t make up the bulk of the focus in this game. In Anime Training Simulator, you can get abilities that you can use that do devastating damage, if you aren’t sure how these work, we’ll teach you all about them in this guide!

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Abilities Guide

Abilities will help you deal a whole lot more damage to enemies in the game, which will get you the Spirit currency much faster. You can then use that to build up your strength, purchase pets, or travel to new worlds.

How to get Abilities

To get abilities in Anime Training Simulator, you will need to purchase pets. Each world has a variety of different pets that you can purchase for Spirit. These anime character pets also have abilities attached to them. They can be purchased in any of the worlds, just look for the large Pet Machine near the spawn.

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Once you obtain a new pet that you didn’t have before, you will also unlock an ability that you can now use in the abilities menu. This is the button on the side of the screen with a character bathed in red fire.

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The abilities are sorted by the worlds you’ve unlocked, which means you’ll need to unlock future ones to get access to different moves. You’ll also need to obtain many different pets from each world to unlock them all.

How to use Abilities

Once you’ve unlocked an ability, you can head to the abilities menu and click on the one you’d like to use. You can then hit the Equip button, which will then add it to your abilities bar at the bottom of the screen.

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Now that you have an ability equipped, head out and beat up on some enemies. As you attack them, you will gain energy for the ability. Once it is fully filled in with color you can use it! If you are on a PC, you can press the number associated with the ability on your keyboard to use it.

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That’s everything we know about getting and using abilities in Roblox Anime Training Simulator. If you want more details on the game, check out the Anime Training Simulator section of our website.

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