How To Get an Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4

Discover the process of obtaining and utilizing Abstruse Sigils, exclusive crafting components in Diablo 4, via this comprehensive guide.
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Diablo 4 offers a complex system of gear and weapons enhancement, reliant on the acquisition and use of unique crafting materials. Among these elements, the Abstruse Sigil stands out. This guide explains the methodology of obtaining this distinct crafting material and its application to upgrade legendary jewelry.

How To Get Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4

To get Abstruse Sigils, you will need to first need to obtain a piece of Legendary jewelry. Once you have one, you then need to bring it to any Blacksmith and salvage it for a small chance at obtaining a sigil. It is speculated that you have a greater chance of getting a better grade material if the iLVL of the item you salvaged is higher.

The process of obtaining an Abstruse Sigil is very similar to getting Baleful Fragments.

Abstruse Sigils are distinct fragments salvaged from historical relics and talismans with unique attributes. They play an important role in enhancing armor, weapons, and jewelry, being particularly associated with the refinement of legendary jewelry such as amulets and rings.

If you want to see if you’re near a Blacksmith location, you can use the map below:

Diablo 4 Blacksmith Locations Map
Image: Mapgenie

Once you have an Abstruse Sigil, you will want to head over to any Jeweler. They can then use the sigil to upgrade either a Legendary Ring or Amulet to level 4. Due to the rarity of this resource, you will want to make sure that the item is worth the upgrade!

Jewelers are a bit scarce in Sanctuary, so use the map below to locate one:

Diablo 4 Jeweler Locations Map
Image: Mapgenie
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