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How to get Arrow in A Universal Time (AUT – New Map!)

If you're wondering how to get arrow in Roblox A Universal Time, we will show you the exact steps you need to take!
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If you’re just starting out in Roblox A Universal Time, then you’re going to want to get some Stands pretty quickly. The basic stand to get is Arrow, which isn’t too difficult to find, but can be problematic with all the new characters out there playing the game. We’ll walk you through the process of getting Arrow, so that you can get yourself started in the game.

Where-to find Arrow in AUT

To get an Arrow in A Universal Time, you will need to head to the beach area and wait for meteors to drop. These will fall to the ground every five minutes or so, and you will need to race over and interact with them! If you can get to it before anyone else, you will obtain yourself an Arrow!

As mentioned, these meteors will fall in the beach area. Not as many people are after arrows these days, so quite a few of them should be available to be looted. Try to run through some of the spawns, use the arrows, and then join another server and go through the same process. Hopefully, you can get the Stand you were looking for pretty fast.

The beach area is located near the single soccer field battle area across from the large neighborhood with all of the houses.

Aut Beach Location Image

The meteor will look like a large boulder that’s on fire and smoking. Race over to it and hold down your interact key to obtain the arrow from it. Once a person interacts with the meteor, it will disappear and the leave a crater behind temporarily.

Aut Meteor Example Image

That’s everything we know about getting Arrow in Roblox A Universal Time right now. We have more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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