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How to get Artifacts in Anime Warriors

We're taking a look at how to get Artifacts in Roblox Anime Warriors, as well as what you can do with them once you have one!
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Roblox Anime Warriors is a game that has you fighting against waves of enemies from your favorite anime worlds. You will be controlling some of the most well-known characters from those anime, and if you want to power them up to the maximum you will need to get Artifacts. These are rare items that you can attach to your characters to give them bonus stats. We will walk you through everything you need to know about these powerful objects in Anime Warriors.

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Getting Artifacts

To get Artifacts, you will need to play adventure levels and they will drop randomly from enemies. You need to click on the Artifact when it drops to receive it. You can’t click on it if you’re shift locked, so make sure that you aren’t if you need to loot one. If you want the highest tier of Artifact, you will need to play the level on OverKill difficulty.

The fastest way to get the best Artifacts will be to grind a level at OverKill difficulty that you can complete the fastest. It’s all about finishing the level quickly, so you can get as many Artifacts as possible.

What are Artifacts?

Artifacts in Anime Warriors are items that you can attach to your character to increase their stats. This includes health, cooldown, speed, attack, and everything else. Artifacts, just like the characters, drop as 1 to 6-Star ratings. The most powerful Artifacts are 6-Star, and they are the most difficult to find.

In a bit of a twist, each Artifact will have random stats on it. Most Artifacts will not be the same as any other one of that name. You can get the same Artifact multiple times and it will have different stats each time. Another interesting aspect of Artifacts is that they can have negative stats. These will reduce your character’s ability, which is obviously not a good thing. However, it might be worth it for some characters if they don’t use a particular stat!

How to Use Artifacts

To use an Artifact, you will need to go into the inventory menu and select the character you have that you want to equip an Artifact to. Keep in mind that if you have the character in a slot, you will need to unequip them to place an Artifact on them. Now, select Artifacts at the top left of the screen. Pick the Artifact you want to equip and then hit the Equip button.

This brings us to a key point about Artifacts! Once you equip an Artifact to a character, it will be locked and bound to that character. You can replace it by equipping another Artifact, but you will LOSE the original Artifact. You can’t get an Artifact back once you’ve equipped it to a character! That means you need to be very sure that you want to equip something, because there’s no going back. Credit to AshzX for the image used below.

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That’s all of the information we have on how to get Artifacts in Anime Warriors! We have a lot more coverage on the game, so be sure to check out the Anime Warriors section of our website.

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