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How to get crazy cats in BitLife

We're taking a look at how you can get some cats with high craziness stat in BitLife!
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In BitLife, you will be tasked to do a whole lot of different things when challenges are released. These include living with a variety of different pets, unique lives, and taking up some interesting career paths. A common aspects of completing one of these tasks is having to get specific animal types as pets. We’re going to explore how you can best get yourself some cats that are high in the craziness stat!

Getting Crazy Cats

To get a crazy cat in BitLife, you will need to head to the Activities menu and look for the Pets tab. Once there you can select either the Animal Shelter, or if you have your Bitizenship, you can pick the Cat Breeders. Now that you are in one of these menus, tap on each of the cats and look for one that has either orange or red Craziness stat.

I found it was quite difficult to find cats at the red level, so hopefully orange ones will count towards challenges that use craziness level as a task. If you don’t find a cat you want, then you can close your app out completely and reopen it to find new options.

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Make sure to adopt any cat that has high Craziness stat, and then restart your app again for a refreshed set of options. You should keep any pets you’ve adopted, while getting new pets in the shelter or breeder!

Keep in mind if you need to own many cats, you can only have three without a house of some sort. The larger the house you own, the more animals you can keep at one time. So, make sure to have enough money to purchase some property if you’re going to need to own a lot of pets!

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