How to find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 (2022)

We're going to take a look at how you can get Diamonds and the best way to farm them in Minecraft 1.18!
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Minecraft gives you a whole world to explore and create, and with that comes a variety of things can you do in the game. While some of these things can be easy to figure out, others are a bit more detailed and nuanced. Don’t feel bad if you can’t figure something out! The learning process is part of the fun of delving into the creative aspects of Minecraft, so let us show you how you can get Diamonds in version 1.18 of Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.18 is the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update, and is expected to be released in December of 2021! The official date has yet to be set, but many details are known about the update due to the snapshots that have been released ahead of time. You can play these experimental releases of Minecraft if you are playing on the Java version of the game. Bedrock can play parts of it, by enabling Caves & Cliffs in the settings when creating a new world!

Diamonds in 1.18 Guide

While much is the same with Diamond in Minecraft in the 1.18 version of the game, there are some differences in where you will find it. You can now go into the negatives in terms of the Y-coordinate. That means you can get much further down into the ground than before. It also means that Diamond can be quite deep!

Diamonds are an extremely valuable resource, and are one step away from you obtaining the best equipment and weapons in the game. While they aren’t as hard to get as Netherite, it is a particularly rare resource that will need to be farmed if you’re looking to make your way through some of the more difficult aspects of the game.

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How to get Diamond in Minecraft 1.18

To find Diamond in Minecraft 1.18, you will now have to look below Y-coordinate 16 and all the way down to the bottom of the world at Y-coordinate -64. You will want to focus your search between level -53 and -59, which will have the highest concentration of Diamond available to you.

You should start at above -60, because Bedrock starts spawning at -60 and below, which will heavily impede your search and take up possible Diamond spawns!

How to farm Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

If you’ve ever went farming Diamonds before in past versions of the game then it’s much the same in Caves & Cliffs Part 2! The biggest difference now is that you will be starting at different coordinates. You will want to mine between Y-level -53 and -59, while using the branch mining technique.

To branch mine, you will create a 2×1 mining tunnel and mine until you get tired of heading in that direction. You will then want to pick left or right, mine three blocks forward, and then start mining back the way you came with another 2×1 tunnel. You can keep going back and forth using this method, which should allow you to see just about every block available to you on these levels. You even get to see the majority of the block above and below you!

An example of branch mining in Minecraft

Best Diamond Level

The best Diamond level in Minecraft 1.18 is technically Y-coordinate -64. However, you would want to mine above that because bedrock spawns sporadically there. Instead, Y-coordinate -59 would be the best because that’s where you will not encounter Bedrock.

How do I find my coordinates?

To find out what coordinates you are located at in Minecraft, you will need to press the F3 Key in the Java version of the game. This will show a whole lot of different information, but the coordinates are listed in the XYZ portion, or you can use the numbers listed after Block, which are rounder numbers, but not as exact.

An example of how to view coordinates in the Java version of Minecraft

Bedrock players can enable coordinates in the settings of their world when they create one. If you didn’t enable it when you started, just hit the edit button next to the World you are playing on in the World menu. Look for the area labeled World Options in Game Settings, and make sure Show Coordinates is checked! The coordinates will be shown on your screen in game at the top left.

How to add coordinates in Minecraft Bedrock

Diamond & Ore Distribution

If you’re curious about the changes in general ore distribution, you can find it in the chart below that was shared by the developers at Minecraft. You can see how deep the ground goes now, and that diamond is at the bottom. You will also notice it mentions reduced air exposure. Diamond, Gold, and Coal will spawn more frequently within blocks if it is not exposed to air. This means you won’t be finding these ores as much in open areas like caves and ravines.

Minecraft 1 18 Ore Distribution Final Image

That’s everything there is to know about getting Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18! We’ve got a lot more coverage of the game in our Minecraft section of our website, so be sure to check it out.

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