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How to get Diamonds in Roblox Islands

Diamonds have finally arrived in Islands, and you can retrieve them by going to battle with Kor in the new Diamond Mines!
Roblox Islands Kor Monster Image

The new diamond update has finally arrived to Roblox Islands. This gives upgrades to many tools and weapons. These will deal more damage, which will make it easier to slay things quicker and harvest things faster. They are going to be fairly limited, so be ready to save them up.

Getting Diamonds in Islands

To get diamonds in Islands, you will need to head to the diamond cave. Once you’ve entered the cave, you will need to climb your way up to a platform that has two large stone totems with glowing runes in them. Run over to them and if you stand in-between the totems, you will be able to press a key to summon Kor. Defeat Kor and he will spawn multiple diamond nodes, which you can mine for diamonds!

While that sounds simple enough, you will need to meet some requirements. First you need to have access to the Buffalkor cave, which you requires combat level 16. That’s not all, because you will then need to reach combat level 50 to enter the diamond mines! That’s going to take a lot of grinding if you haven’t already reached those levels.

Another thing to know is that you can only summon Kor once ever 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is highly recommended to do use your spawn on a VIP server, because everyone who is there can mine the diamonds once they have spawned. You might not get a single one if you aren’t fast enough with your pickaxe! The best way to do it would be to get a few friends with you to slay Kor, that way you can trust them not to steal your diamonds.

Once you have some diamonds, you can then craft some of these new items:

  • Diamond Block – 10x Diamond
  • Diamond Axe – 5x Gilded Steel Rod, 50x Diamond
  • Diamond Great Sword – 80x Diamond, 5x Gilded Steel Rod, 10 Enchanted Diamond
  • Diamond War Hammer – 80x Diamond, 5x Gilded Steel Rod, 10x Enchanted Diamond

There’s more items available, we’ll have their recipes listed as soon as possible!

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