How to Get Dough Trident in Haze Piece

Wondering how to get the Dough Trident in Haze Piece? We've got a guide that has you covered!
Haze Piece Dough Trident Featured
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Are you on a quest to get the Dough Trident in Haze Piece? The journey to obtaining the Dough Trident is challenging, involving multiple steps. This guide will walk you through the process, from the initial steps to the final showdown with the Dough Boss.

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Haze Piece Dough Trident – How to Get

Players must kill the Dough Boss in Haze Piece for a 50% chance of getting the Dough Trident. Yet, spawning the Dough Boss is no easy feat. Here’s what you need to do, broken down into detailed steps:

Obtaining a Mirror Fragment

Haze Piece Big Mom Cake Island Map
Image: Try Hard Guides
  • Your first objective is to acquire a mirror fragment. This item has a 1% drop chance from the Big Mom NPC in Cake Island.
  • The rarity of this drop means you may need to defeat Big Mom multiple times to obtain the fragment.

Meeting Syn and Collecting Doughnuts

Haze Piece Syn Mirror Dough Island
Image: Try Hard Guides
  • Once you have the mirror fragment, head to Dough Island and find Syn, who is located next to a mirror.
  • Syn will task you with collecting 10 doughnuts. These have a 1% drop chance from any NPC in Peanut Island, Dough Island, and Cake Island. The area around the giant evil looking tree is a good idea to farm, as this is where the mirror is.
  • This step requires patience, as the low drop rate means it might take time to gather all 10 doughnuts.

Accessing the Mirror World

Haze Piece Doughnut
  • After collecting the doughnuts, return to Syn. He will use the items to open a portal to the Mirror World on Dough Island.
  • Entering the Mirror World is your next step towards facing the Dough Boss.

Spawning the Dough Boss

Haze Piece Dough Boss
Image: Image: Haze Piece Official Trello
  • In the Mirror World, find Spex and pay him 50 Gems to spawn the Dough Boss.
  • Note that there is a 2-hour cooldown for each spawn, so you may have to wait a while.

Confronting the Dough Boss for the Dough Trident

Once you’ve successfully spawned the Dough Boss, it’s time for the showdown. Defeating the boss is challenging, but victory offers a 50% chance to drop the Dough Trident. This means you might need to defeat the boss multiple times to obtain the trident.

Remember, each step in this process is crucial. From battling Big Mom for the mirror fragment to collecting doughnuts and finally facing the Dough Boss, each action brings you closer to your goal. With persistence and strategy, the Dough Trident can be yours.

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