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How to get Dragon pet in Islands

If you're looking to get the new Dragon pet in Roblox Islands, you will be having to crack open up quite a few eggs!
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The new Roblox Islands update has brought the Underworld to the game that is accessible through the Mysterious Portal. Once you’ve entered inside, you can fight through Magma Blobs, and mine the new opal resource that can be used to craft new opal tools that are even better than diamond! You can also fight the Internal Dragon, which drops an item that can lead you to a sweet pet!

Collecting the Pet Dragon

To get the Pet Dragon in Islands, you will need to open a Dragon Egg and get it as a random drop. The Dragon Egg can be obtained by slaying the Infernal Dragon in the Underworld area of the game.

To fight the Infernal Dragon, you will need to head into the Underworld area which requires a Mysterious Portal. If you don’t have one yourself, you can visit someone else’s island and go through one there. Once you’ve made it into the Underworld, you will need to collect Underworld Tokens. These can be collected by mining opal nodes and killing Magma Blobs. You will get 1-5 tokens from the opal, and 5-6 tokens for killing a blob.

You need to have 500 Underworld Tokens to spawn the Infernal Dragon. Once you’ve collected that amount, head over to the area with the stairs and the large platform area that has a set of bones on it. When you run up the stairway, you will eventually come to a location that asks if you want to summon the dragon.

Islands Infernal Dragon Summon Image

Credit to DV for the image used above.

Once the Infernal Dragon has been summoned, it will spawn up on the platform that’s at the top of the stairwell. It deals a fair amount of damage per hit, so be careful when fighting it. It will be a lot easier if you take it on with a group! Being on a public server will also increase the amount of dragons you can fight. Other people will spawn the dragon and you can fight them as well!

Islands Infernal Dragon Image

Credit to DV for the image used above.

When the Infernal Dragon has been slayed, everyone that participated in the fight will receive an Infernal Dragon Egg. This can be played on the ground at your island and opened up like a treasure chest. These have a variety of treasure in them, which includes Underworld Tokens, Opals, Infernal Fish, Opal Pickaxe Hilt, Opal Axe Hilt, and the very rare Dragon Pet!

The Dragon Pet is Mythic rarity, which means it has an extremely low chance of dropping out of the egg. You might get extremely lucky and get one early, but more likely you’ll be cracking open a ton of eggs to get it!

Islands Dragon Pet Image

Credit to Rob-Studio on Twitter for the image used above.

Once you have the Dragon Pet, you can rename it so you can make it more personalized!

That’s everything we know about getting the Dragon Pet in Roblox Islands. We have more coverage on the game in the Islands section of our website.

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