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How to Get Fish Oil in New World

We'll teach you how to get Fish Oil in New World with this easy to follow guide!
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New World is the newly released MMO by Amazon Games Studios that will take you into the exploration of a fictional land that was is based off of the Americas. You will be looking to harvest resources, craft items, get control of settlements, complete quests, explore, PVP, or fight off monsters. As you head into this dangerous world, you will need to know how to get yourself some Fish Oil for cooking. We’ll show you how in this guide.

Fish Oil Guide

To get Fish Oil in New World, you will need to of course have some fish. You can get fish by fishing with a Fishing Pole. This is an item that can be crafted at the Workshop, and will require you to have Engineering skill. You can also purchase one at the Auction House if you so desire. Once you have a rod, you will need to locate some water. Throw your line into the water and see if you can nab a fish.

Once you have at least one fish, you can go to your inventory and select it. You will then need to use the Salvage option on it. When you deconstruct a fish, you will guaranteed get a Fish Filet, and sometimes you will receive Fish Oil. You will obviously want to gather up as many fish as you can so you can increase your chances of receiving the Fish Oil!

Fish Oil is used for crafting Cooking Oil, which is an essential ingredient for increasing your Cooking Skill and is used in many recipes.

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Bait will greatly increase your ability to catch more and better fish. You can gather bait from harvesting bushes and things like Bulrush. You will get different bait depending on which type of thing you harvested. You won’t get bait every single time you harvest, so you will need to do it multiple times.

Fishing at hotspots is far better than fishing in general water. A fishing hotspot is a circular swirl in the water where fish will be jumping around in. Land your cast within the circle, and you will have far better luck catching fish!

That’s everything we know about getting Fish Oil in New World. You will find details on a lot more things about the game in the New World section of our website!

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