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How to get Gems Fast in True Piece

We're taking a look at how you can get Gems fast in Roblox True Piece!
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Roblox True Piece is a game that is inspired by the anime One Piece. You will start off as a lowly character, and work your way up through the ranks of being a pirate or marine. As you do, you will find devil fruits that will give you incredible powers. One of the ways to get more powerful is to obtain Gems so that you can roll for new fruit or purchase a variety of helpful things like stat resets and fruit removers. We’ll tell you how you can get Gems the fastest in this guide.

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Gems Guide

Gems in True Piece are used to purchase a variety of different items, including Demon Fruit Remover, Reset Stat Points, and an Accessory Chests. Most importantly, you can purchase a Random Demon Fruit with them. This will likely be what you end up spending them on the most.

Gem Shop

Here’s a look at the prices of the items you can purchase with Gems:

  • Demon Fruit Remover – 20 Gems
  • Random Demon Fruit – 300 Gems
  • Reset Stat Points – 20 Gems
  • Accessory Chest – 50 Gems

How to get Gems in True Piece

Gems can be obtained in a few different ways, these include:

  • Completing Quests
  • Redeeming Codes
  • Purchasing with Robux

Completing Quests for Gems

In True Piece there’s three different types of quests: Yellow, Blue, and Red. Yellow quests are repeatable but they will only give you Experience and Beli when you finish them. Blue quests are daily, which means you can complete them once per day. These will give you Gems when you finish them. Red quests are storyline quests, and can only be completed once.

The Blue quests are the option you will want to make sure to focus on if you are heading into the game looking for Gems. There’s at least one on every one of the islands, so try to do as many of these each day as you possibly can. You will get five gems each time you complete one of these, so they will add up if you can do a bunch of them each day!

Redeeming Codes for Gems

This is the easiest way to get Gems, but you will have to wait for new codes to be available in the game. Just head over to our True Piece Codes page and redeem all of the ones listed. We update the post as soon as new ones are available, so just keep an eye on that page.

Purchasing Gems with Robux

If you head to the Cash Shop in the game, you will see that you can purchase Gems for Robux. Here’s a look at how much this will cost you:

  • 50 Gems – 200 Robux
  • 100 Gems – 350 Robux
  • 150 Gems – 500 Robux

If you are going to use Robux, you can also just purchase a Random Demon Fruit with 1,000 Robux. It ends up being the same amount of Robux you’d use if you purchase 300 Gems.

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That’s everything we know about getting Gems in Roblox True Piece! Take a look at the True Piece section of our website for more guides on a variety of different aspects of the game.

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