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How to get into a sorority in Bitlife

We'll show you how to get into a sorority in BitLife with this easy to follow guide!
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BitLife is full of randomness, which requires you to test your patience quite often. This is usually the case when it comes to certain tasks that you need to complete in challenges. These things are usually a bit easier than they seem, but they can be labeled in ways that aren’t always clear. If you’re trying to join a sorority in the game, we’ll tell you exactly how you need to do it!

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Joining a Sorority

To get into a sorority in BitLife, you will first need to be a woman, graduate from High School, and then go to University. Once you are into college, head to the School menu, and rush a sorority. If they allow you to rush, you will need to answer a question, and if you get it right you will get in!

It appears that the most important aspect of joining a sorority is your looks. You will want to have at least 80% in the looks stat so that you will get a chance to make it into a sorority! As you age up, make sure to go on walks, head to the gym, and even hit the salon for tanning, waxing, and manicures. These should all raise your looks up, and hopefully keep you in the range you need to be!

As far as everything else goes, you just need to make your way through your early life and then graduate from High School. This part is very simple and should just require tapping through the various events that happen on your way to college. Get into University anyway that you can, whether it be with a scholarship, parent’s help, or taking a student loan.

Once you are in college, head to the school tab and go to University. You can then look for the Sororities option. Pick any one you like and as long as you have high looks, you should be given a shot at joining. They will then ask you a question about the greek gods. Get the question right and you will get into the sorority!

The questions can be looked up on Google, but here’s some of the answers:

  • Goddess of Agriculture: Demeter
  • Greek-city state that produces the best warriors: Sparta
  • River Achilles was dipped into: Styx
  • Zeus’ weapon of choice: Lightning-bolts
  • Physically ugly god: Hephaestus

That’s everything you need to know about joining a sorority in BitLife! If you want to learn more about the game, check out all of our guides in the BitLife section of the site.

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  1. Dee

    I have 97% of looks but I can’t rush into a sorority! Why?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      That’s pretty odd, I tried with low looks and couldn’t rush then with high and I got in easily. The only thing I can think of is upping your popularity with the students.