How to Get Lunar Spins in Blade Ball

Want to earn some free goodies using Lunar Spins in Blade Ball? Here's how to get Lunar Spins and the best times to use them!
Blade Ball Lunar Spin Circle In Main Lobby
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In Blade Ball, Lunar Spins is another free spin mechanic that offers players a chance to win some cool in-game items without spending any Robux at all, much like the Dragon Spins and Sci-Fi Spins. But how do you earn Lunar Spins for free goodies? Use this guide and learn how!

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Blade Ball Lunar New Year Spins Guide

To earn Lunar New Year spins in Blade Ball, you need to play the game. The only way to obtain these spins is through playing. You receive a free spin every hour, but at specific time intervals, you can earn an extra 15 spins over four hours of playtime. It’s important to note that your luck increases with playtime, so it’s best to avoid using any spins until you reach the 4-hour threshold to maximize your chances. However, playing for more than four hours will not grant you additional spins.

Blade Ball Lunar Spins
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During the first hour of gameplay, you’ll receive x1 Spin, and after four hours, you’ll get x8 Spins. The spins and luck you can receive are as follows:

  • 1 Hour = x1 Spin and x1.5 Luck
  • 2 Hours = x2 Spins and x2 Luck
  • 3 Hours = x4 Spins and x2.5 Luck
  • 4 Hours = x8 Spins and x3 Luck

What Does Luck Do in Blade Ball – Lunar New Year Spins

In Blade Ball, luck influences your ability to land on the ‘Advance’ segments in each wheel. The ‘Advance’ segment in the first wheel is harder to land on than other prizes. However, if you have x3 luck, your chances of landing on ‘Advance’ increase, giving you a better shot at winning the Dragonfire Katana in the middle.

To improve your luck in Blade Ball, you must play the game. After accumulating four hours of playtime, you will earn three times the luck. By filling the green portion of the gauge in the segments, you can claim the rewards. The luck rewards based on logging playtime are:

  • Logging One Hour, you get x1.5 luck
  • Logging Two Hours, you get x2 luck
  • Logging Three Hours, you get x2.5 luck
  • Logging Four Hours, you get x3 luck

So, for your best chance of getting the Dragonfire Katana, it’s best to save up all of your spins until you have that x3 Luck!

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