How to Get Money in Gym League

Do you want to know all the ways to get Cash in Gym League? Then you're in luck as we list all the ways you can get it in game!
Roblox Gym League Super Saiyan Aura
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Are you looking to earn more money in Gym League? Here are some simple methods to help you boost your earnings and progress in the game.

If you’re after free goodies, why not check out our Gym League codes and see what you can get?! Or How to Get Body Alters and How to Unlock New Gyms in Gym League.

Gym League Cash Making Guide

There are numerous ways to earn money in Gym League. Below are all the current ways to get Cash to help you buy heavier weights, Power-Ups, and more. Of course, there are free-to-play methods, along with paid methods.


Redeeming Codes

Redeeming Gym League codes can earn you a chunk of change quickly; however, it’s best not to rely on this to acquire money often. As it’s up to the whim of the developers when you release codes, they might not be as frequent as one hopes. If you’re always after the latest Gym League codes, then check out our Gym League codes here.

Inviting and Adding Friends

Roblox Gym League Inviting Friends Update Log
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By adding friends to the game, you can receive a 5% money boost for each friend added, up to a maximum of 25%. This is a great way to increase your income and progress in Gym League.

Daily Rewards and Quests

Roblox Gym League Quests
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Claiming daily rewards and completing quests are essential for earning money in Gym League. Completing quests can yield thousands of money. Remember to scroll down your quests list, as you have Weekly and Monthly quests.


Roblox Gym League Competitions
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Participating in competitions can be highly lucrative, with a high likelihood of winning. Keep an eye out for the School Competitions happening, and then wait for the bus to take you to the competition. If you do well, you’ll earn Cash. If you come first, you can get over $1,000.

Money Potions and Food

Roblox Gym League Small Money Potion
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Money Potions and Food are purchased from the shop, but you must unlock them first. Certain food items like muscle and Cash boosts provide monetary benefits in the game. Pay attention to these food items for additional Cash boosts. Some food items are:

  • Cheap Body Oil: Cash Boosts +15%
  • Premium Body Oil: Cash Boosts +50%
  • Shiny Oil: Cash Boost +30%
  • Small Money Potions: Cash Boost +50%


Roblox Gym League Auras
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Additionally, acquiring a valuable aura, such as the Super Saiyan Aura, can provide a 1.4 times Cash boost. The best Aura you can get is currently the Galaxy Aura, which is 2.5x Cash.


If all else fails and you’re sick of going the free-to-play route, you can purchase in-game money for Robux, get Gamepasses, or even Potions. Just click on the Shop item on the left side of the screen to find where you can purchase the following:


Roblox Gym League Extra Cash Pass
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If you seek money, the Extra Cash pass is for you. It costs 599 Robux and comes with 50% extra Cash and the Filthy Rich title.


A Money Potion costs 39 Robux, and I believe should offer the same buff as the Small Money Potion which is a 50% buff, but I may be wrong.

Instant Cash

Roblox Gym League Instant Cash Robux
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There are five bundles of Instant Cash you can purchase with Robux:

  • 3,500 Cash – 49 Robux
  • 14,000 Cash – 199 Robux
  • 40,000 Cash – 549 Robux
  • 85,000 Cash – 999 Robux
  • 250,000 Cash – 2499 Robux
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