How to Get Namek Goku in Project Baki 3

Do you want to learn the Namek Goku fighting style in Project Baki 3? Then look no further, as we detail all the steps needed in our guide.
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If you’re looking to play as Namek Goku in Project Baki 3, it’s essential to know the steps and requirements to unlock this powerful shadow-fighting style. Here’s a guide to help you get Namek Goku.

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Project Baki 3 Namek Goku Shadow Fighting Style Guide

To get Namek Goku in Project Baki 3, you must first have the Super Saiyan relic. With the Super Saiyan relic active, your next objective is to defeat the formidable Jiren boss at the Cell Games Arena. It’s important to keep in mind that there is a 30% chance of obtaining Namek Goku upon defeating Jiren. Make sure the relic is active during this fight, or you will not get Namek Goku.

Meeting the Required Stats of Namek Goku

To qualify for Namek Goku, ensure that your character meets the following stats and level requirements:

  • 1 Strength
  • 1 Durability
  • 1 Agility
  • 1 Intellect
  • Level 1

Unlocking All Techniques

In addition to meeting the required stats, unlocking all techniques is crucial. You’ll need to allocate your skill points as follows:

  • 500 Strength
  • 500 Durability
  • 500 Agility
  • 1 Intellect

Remaining skill points should be managed accordingly, especially if your character has reached the maximum level of 999.

How to Get Super Saiyan Relic in Project Baki 3

To get Namek Goku, you’ll need to obtain the Super Saiyan Relic. To acquire this relic, follow these steps:

Project Baki 3 Mountain Top View Of Tree Log Trees And City
Image: ABeast Gaming
  1. Begin by meditating on a specific tree-log (located in the image above) for 45 minutes without moving or getting up.
  2. After completing the meditation, head to a gym and perform 1,000 push-ups or sit-ups.

Once you’ve successfully completed these tasks, you will have the Super Saiyan Relic at your disposal. It’s important to note that the relic will not apply cosmetics when not activated. However, activating “Super Saiyan” will engulf the user in a radiating golden aura, signifying its activation.

Namek Goku’s Moves and Techniques

Namek Goku possesses a range of powerful moves and techniques that can turn the tide of any battle. Familiarize yourself with these techniques and their cooldowns:

  1. Kaioken
    • Grants a 2X increase in damage while draining the user’s health and stamina. This ability is toggleable.
    • Cooldown: 4 Seconds
  2. Instant Transmission
    • Allows the user to teleport behind the opponent, providing an advantageous position for an attack.
    • Cooldown: 9 Seconds
  3. Elbow Bash
    • The user dashes forward and strikes the opponent in their stomach, sending them flying and dealing additional damage if they collide with a surface during the knockback.
    • Cooldown: 14 Seconds
    • Requirements: 500 Strength, 500 Durability, 500 Agility, 5 Intellect
  4. Dragon Rush
    • The user dashes towards the opponent, initiating a barrage of punches and sending the opponent flying away.
    • Cooldown: 18 Seconds
    • Requirements: 500 Strength, 500 Durability, 500 Agility, 5 Intellect
  5. Spirit Charge / Spirit Bomb
    • Charges up the Spirit Bar and launches a Spirit Bomb with varying size and impact based on the charge.
    • Cooldown: 2 Seconds (charging), 29 Seconds (launching)
    • Requirements: 500 Strength, 500 Durability, 500 Agility, 5 Intellect
  6. Kamehameha
    • Unleashes a lethal energy beam with heightened power in Kaioken mode.
    • Cooldown: 25 Seconds
    • Requirements: 500 Strength, 500 Durability, 500 Agility, 5 Intellect
  7. Spirit Shot
    • Sends opponents flying in a medium radius and can be used as an EVASIVE.
    • Cooldown: 29 Seconds
    • Requirements: 500 Strength, 500 Durability, 500 Agility, 5 Intellect
  8. SSJ (Super Saiyan Relic Variant)
    • With the Namek Goku style, the Super Saiyan Relic will transform into a unique variant, providing extended duration and reduced cooldown.
    • Cooldown: 120 Seconds
    • Requirements: 500 Strength, 500 Durability, 500 Agility, 5 Intellect
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