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How to get Oxygen in Icarus

We'll take you through the steps of learning how to replenish your Oxygen in Icarus!
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Icarus is a PVE survival game made by the developer behind the popular and well-known DayZ. You will be heading into an alien wilderness and attempting to survive solo or with a group of players. You can explore around and locate various material to keep yourself and others alive. One of these things you will need is Oxygen, which is going to keep you alive and breathing. If you aren’t sure how to get it, we’ll show you what to do in this guide.

Oxygen Guide

To get Oxygen in Icarus, you will have to obtain Oxite which is a material found in the forest biomes of the game. This can be placed in your suit and will deplete overtime. You can also create more advanced items like the Oxidizer and Oxite Dissolver, which can be used to refill your Oxygen.

Once you start out in the game you will be looking for Oxite. This is a small blue stone that can be collected off of the ground. As you advance, you can craft a pickaxe and use it to mine larger chunks of Oxite. This will allow you to obtain it in far greater quantities. You can consume Oxite from your inventory, or you can place it in the Oxygen slot of your suit to auto-consume it when needed.

As you level up, you will find that you can unlock more helpful items in the Tech Tree. One of the first is the Oxidizer, which can be crafted on the character with 8x Sticks, 12x Fiber, 20x Leather, and 10x Bone. Sticks and Fiber can be gathered from trees and bushes, while you will need to kill wildlife in the area and skin it to obtain Leather and Bone.

When you can craft your Oxidizer, you can place it on the ground nearby and add Oxite to it. After a short period of time, the leather balloon will fill up with Oxygen, which you can consume. This will refill your tank much more efficiently then just consuming Oxidizer by itself.

Once you’ve gotten to Tier 2 in your Tech Tree, you will eventually be able to craft the Oxite Dissolver. This can be used to fill something like the Oxygen Bladder, which can be placed in the Oxygen slot of your suit to replenish your supply automatically. You can then refill it at the Oxite Dissolver once it has been fully depleted.

That’s everything you need to know getting Oxygen in Icarus. Be sure to check out the Icarus section of our website for more details on the game!

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