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How to get Pumpkin Tokens in Islands

We'll teach you how to get Pumpkin Tokens in Roblox Islands in this step-by-step guide!
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Roblox Islands has released their Halloween update for October 2021! This of course brings a bunch of new stuff to the game that you will be interacting with. One of these things is summoning the fearsome Pumpkin King! If you want to know how to get Pumpkin Tokens in the game, then we’ll tell you how in this guide!

Pumpkin Tokens

To get Pumpkin Tokens in Roblox Islands, you will need to catch bats with a Net. Bats are a new animal that spawns in the game, but only at night time. Once it gets dark out, look around your island area for these creepy fliers and swipe them with your net. If you are able to grab one, you will earn yourself some Pumpkin Tokens!

If you don’t have a Net yet, they are easy to craft for any player. You will just need 15 Wood and a Crafting Table to make one. Throw it into one of your inventory slots and select it to use it in the game.

The nighttime cycle in the game happens every 20 minutes, so you will need to wait for it to happen on your island before you can nab a bat. For each Bat you are able to get into your net, you will get about 50+ Pumpkin Tokens!

Here’s an example of what a Bat looks like in the game. They are basically a jack o’ lantern with bat wings!

Islands Pumpkin Bat Example Image

Pumpkin Tokens are used to summon the Pumpkin King. You will need 500 total Pumpkin Tokens to get the job done. The summon area can be found in the lobby, up a hill, near the docks!

Pumpkin King Summon Area Image

That’s everything we know about getting Pumpkin Tokens in Roblox Islands. We have more coverage on the game in the Islands section of our website.

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