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How to get secret characters in Anime Fighters Simulator

If you want to the most powerful fighters in Anime Fighters Simulator then you're going to need to collect the secret fighters!
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In Roblox Anime Fighters, you will be collecting powerful characters that will take out enemies. Having a full set of every one of these fighters if half the fun! If you want to really catch them all, then you’re going to have to find the ones that are even rarer than mythical. These are known as secret characters, and they are very hard to find, but we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to better collect them.

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NEW: Crafting

Crafting has now been added to the game, and you can use it to get another secret character. This is not the same as the one you will get out of Stars, so you will need to participate in raids to get shards, that can craft these new units!

Obtaining Secret Characters

To get secret characters in Anime Fighters, you will need to open up a lot of stars. The secret fighters are extremely rare, even more rare than mythical rarity characters. It is completely based on luck if you can get one, but there are ways you can increase your chances.

Secret Characters are significantly stronger than regular characters, and that includes mythical ones. So, if you want to have the absolute best fighters in the game, you will want to try and grab these. You can get Adult Gone, Eagle, Ben, Sun, Eta, Dobonito, D.I.O, Nagito, and Boohoo as secret units currently.

Below are some tips to use to make obtaining these characters faster!

Automate Purchases

You are going to need to purchase a whole lot of fighters to get a secret character. You will be using the auto purchase selection from the shop you are looking to obtain a secret character from. Each area has their own secret character. I would recommend starting in Namook, because it’s the cheapest option.

Anime Fighters Star Auto Purchase Image

Make sure to gather up as much Yen as you can, before you engage in this method. Head to the shop and select Q to auto-buy characters. Now, just leave this going for as long as you can. Ideally, you would do this overnight. To keep yourself from leaving the game, setup an auto-clicker to click every once in a while during the night. Hopefully, you will come back to your computer in the morning and have yourself a secret character!

Auto-Sell Characters

You will need to sell any characters you don’t need to keep your inventory clear. To make this easier, go to your settings and under auto-sell, click all of the rarities you don’t want to keep. These should be at the very least common, rare, and epic. You can do legendary as well, if you don’t need any of those. Keep mythics so you don’t accidentally sell something you wanted.

Anime Fighters Auto Sell Image

This will give you Yen back each time you get a character you don’t want, and it will keep your inventory cleared so you don’t run out of space.

Auto-Lock Characters

In the same settings panel, make sure to lock any mythical characters that you receive. Also, make sure you aren’t locking any characters that you don’t want to keep that will conflict with your selling of fighters.

Extra Star Upgrades

In the upgrades panel, you will see that there’s a bonus called extra stars. If you can obtain this, you will open up an extra star whenever you purchase a star. This will increase your ability to get these secret characters by a whole lot, so make sure to get at least the first upgrade. You need to reach room 24 of the Time Trials, which are located on Namook. If you are low level, you will need a friend to help get you through, because you need fairly high level characters to get that far in the Time Trials!

Anime Fighters Extra Stars Image

You can also get Extra Star 2 and 3, but those are quite hard to obtain unless you are very high level or have a friend who is very far in the game!

Spend Robux

Like most games in Roblox, you can increase the speed of obtaining these by spending some Robux. You can purchase the Fast Open Stars product for 399 Robux which will speed up the opening process. You can also get the Multi Open product for 799 Robux to open additional stars when you purchase one. These are located below the character list when you go to purchase characters. These are optional, but they will help speed things up!

That’s everything you need to know about getting secret characters in Anime Fighters Simulator. Be sure to check out the Anime Fighters Simulator section of our site to learn more about the game!

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  1. Some Guy who need a secret

    236 Q Yen i hope i get adult Gon i really want him for my best fighter i saving my secret potion My luck is 3+ with my luck team is now 3.5+ i have 5 open stars

  2. Rainb0w

    i open more than 200k stars in slayer army am i close to get the secret?

  3. Secret

    How do you make yen quickly in anime fighters

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      AFK grinding is your best bet. Just set it up on one of the big bosses overnight. Search YouTube for anime fighters afk grind.

  4. Wernet_bye

    how much yen do i need for adult gon ?????

    1. afssweatyboiii

      you need around 2,5t yen for gon on average, although i got around 12 adult gons with 20t yen

  5. 02

    This really helped, but i does the secrect characters have pit like the mythical pit and legenday pit or is it just random

    1. YYYYYES

      no it doesent

  6. F2P

    This actually dont helps out, do you know that lucky servers actually exist. You can get secrets easilly by that, someone got any in 5 mins af the lucky server. Lucky server is hard to find vut you’ll find it one day, dont try to save your yen, just spend all of it to get yourself a secret.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      You would have to show me proof that lucky servers exist, because I highly doubt that it’s the case.

      1. RAGNA

        Yes there is i got my adult gone with 1.5 luck and 100+spin

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          That could have just been random, just because something happens on a server doesn’t mean it is lucky.

  7. smlpiol

    what is the secret chance

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I don’t believe anyone knows for sure. It’s lower than Mythic.

      1. Anonymois

        ur dumb bro secrets are like 5x better than mythicals…

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          They still count as a Mythical in terms of automatically saving/removing. There’s no need to be rude by the way.

  8. Colt

    Can I Still get secrets if I Auto-sell Mythical and Shiny mythical?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I don’t believe so, I think they count as Mythical. I wouldn’t want to risk it at least!

      1. qwefsd

        i would reccomend to put auto sell on for mythic and keep on shiny mythic because shiny mythic and secret hve around the sane damage level

    2. Geo

      yep, theres no auto sell for secrets, i say that by experience, got my sukuna with everything on autosell

  9. Marco

    Is there a pity secret and save?

    1. toxicbro

      There is not really anything called secret pity its just ur luck u can even get it on ur first spin if ur lucky and ull have to grind constant cause the more you open a star continuous the better chance of a secret there is so best of luck getting ur secret and msg me on if need any other help.

  10. Sonicspeedyr103

    is it possible to get bertolt from the aot map with +2.5 luck? I didn’t spend money on any gamepasses

    1. somerandomlol

      How much yen to get two eyed secret ????

  11. Zackattack13

    Do u know the chances to get hawks

  12. Leon

    This was very great! Is it possible to get a secret without spending a single robux on the game?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It’s possible but it will likely take a while!

      1. Liamond

        i got a secret in like 2hours with no robux and 1.5 luck not that long

        1. lol


          1. RAGNA

            This could be the lucky server like shindo life game

  13. JJ

    This was very helpful 🙂 I didn’t know much about secret fighters, but no I do. Thanks 🙂

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Glad it helped!

      1. j

        uhmm can someone tell me how much spins and yen gettin adult gon?

        1. Ordinary

          To get adult gon it takes around 2.5T i am not sure about spins but every secret atleast u should spin 100k+